What books Bill Gates read in 2016

You would think the tech-entrepreneur would be Podcasting, watching video tutorials or enjoying a high-tech VR gamified learning program, however Bill made a startling confession. 

Bill Gates maintains that the best way he learns is by reading books and turns the pages on about one book per week.

Bill has read one book a week since he was a small child. Perhaps this will solidify in parents the importance of reading on small children for future success. 

Below is the list of his favorites for 2016:

  • String Theory, by David Foster Wallace. 
  • Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight.
  • The Gene, by Siddhartha Mukherjee. 
  • The Myth of the Strong Leader, by Archie Brown.
  • The Grid, by Gretchen Bakke.

Bill Gates is known for being a industry leader, however was once a small business owner himself. 

Do you take time out to read? 

You can read more about Bill Gates top books for 2016 via GatesNotes.

Sarah Irwin

Sarah Irwin

SME Community Director at SavvySME

As a daughter of a small business owner I am passionate about helping small businesses grow. Passionate about innovation and seeing our community grow in order to help your business succeed. I have a background in small businesses and start up environmemts including Healthshare.com.au, Medicalsearch.com.au and industracom.com.au and am now the SME Community Director of SavvySME.com.au.


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