Google Plus Account: Crucial Things to Consider

Google Plus Account: Crucial Things to Consider

Google Plus is NOT just another social media site. For a business, to have a Google Plus account is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your Internet presence -- especially if you have it set-up correctly.

This article will review important facets of Google+, many of which may be having a significant effect on your business







Google Plus Photos: Is it the right image?

What information is Google currently disclosing about your business? What photos does Google associate with your business information?
Google has massive computing power -- gathering information about individuals and businesses. When somebody executes a search, Google will display the information it considers to be the most relevant. But is that the most appropriate information about your business? Having a Google Plus account is your chance to make sure that Google has the right information and the most appropriate photography related to your business.






A nice picture. But is it the right image for your business? (courtesy: Network Canada)

Know Where Your Google Plus Profile Is

You probably already have a Google Plus profile but may have never seen it! Part of Google sign up process especially to use Gmail, you have to agree to set up your Google Plus profile. The important question is: Do you have a profile out there which is incomplete, out-of-date or inaccurate? Remember, Google is the most important entity on the Internet and you need to set the record straight.

With your Google Plus account – the search is on!

It's now widely accepted that having a properly configured Google Plus profile and setting up Google Plus company pages – these will increase search rankings. Combined with Google's +1 buttons, they can provide a major boost to your standing with the world's dominant search engine. 

Do you know that Google search now highlights Google Plus posts alongside regular search results? A Google Plus post which costs you nothing can now generate outstanding search visibility.


The Impact of Having a Google Plus Account on Local Business

Google's locality information for businesses has now been integrated into Google+. It is known as Google+ Local and allows a business to insert descriptive information, pictures, videos, opening times and contact information. Integration with Google Maps makes it essential to have this entry correct for any business that wants to attract clients to their premises. If you previously had a Google Places entry, this has probably been migrated to Google+ Local. But you need to make sure it's accurate and as effective as possible in the new format.


A Plus for Adwords

Are you an AdWords advertiser? You can now integrate AdWords with your Google Plus account. Which means +1 button endorsements can be displayed alongside your ads - providing "social proof" for your offering and greatly increasing the ad's impact.

Is That Your Website?

Having a Google Plus account enables you to identify all your online resources to Google. This includes your websites, your social media profiles, your blogs and most importantly, your publications. If you put effort into producing a blog or publish articles, you're crazy not to associate it with a Google Plus profile. There's a now a Google Authorship ecosystem which will help ensure articles get associated with the correct author.




AdWords with Google +1 Endorsements (courtesy: Google)

An App That Delivers

Updates that you place on your Google Plus account go out to all of the connections you wish to target*. Compare that with Facebook, where posts often now only reach 10% or less of your followers.

*Google+ also has a useful system of "circles" which enables you to easily select all or just part of your audience for any particular update

Google Plus: Who is That in 2nd Place?    

Apart from all the above useful benefits, Google Plus is now rated as the second most-used social media service. According to a recent report by Global Web Index, Google Plus now has 343 million active users. With an ongoing Google sign up daily, this number will definitely soar. That's a huge audience for your business. 



Graph courtesy of Global Web Index


There's a bunch of other reasons you might also want to use Google Plus but the above factors alone, make it simply essential for any business to be up to speed on Google Plus. 

Recent quotes regarding Google+

"Google+ is Google"   Barry Horwitz VP Google                        

"There's No Avoiding Google+"   The Wall Street Journal

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.”  Extract from upcoming book by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt according to article by Glenn Gow in Social Media B2B.


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Eric Phuah

Eric Phuah, Director at

Thanks for the tips Richard, I haven't really used Google+ as much before but this will definitely help.

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster, Marketing Manager at Power Of Words

There certainly are many benefits of keeping your Google+ up to date. Not least of which is simply revealing your full name on your blog, and inserting your real Google+ profile number in the User Profile in the blog, so that your wee face comes up with your article in some long tail Google searches.