5 Tips for increasing social interaction on social media

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Finding a level of success in social media, especially for businesses can be disheartening. Your own personal posts or tweets may receive many comments and likes but when it comes to business the response may be less fervent. Do not despair, this is only natural. There is no secret formula post that generates hundred of likes, otherwise you would see this happening all the time. However the following are a few tips that can result in increased responses and interaction. 

Use a variety of media:

Change up your posting with links, pictures, quotes, articles, surveys. This makes it more entertaining for readers, and if one type doesn't tickle their fancy, there's a chance that another will. That being said, keep the theme and quality of posts consistent. If your posts are too random to follow and inconsistent, visitors may become disengaged. Creating a content calendar will streamline your process and allow you to follow a succinct plan.

Questions and prompts:

Leaving open ended questions to your posts encourages interaction and makes the individual feel wanted by asking for their opinion. This also generates discussion and draws people in. People love giving their two cents and sharing their views. 

Have an eye-catching title:

People often skim their feeds due to time constraints and having to go through a lot of posts. So you really only have a few words to catch their attention. Including popular and trending keywords will help with piquing their interest. Make sure the content of the post matches the title. Readers may not appreciate being manipulated into clicking on a post.

Interact with your followers:

By following their page/profile, liking and commenting on their posts, it will increase the chances of them doing the same for you. Mentioning them in your posts will also draw their interest and increase the chances of them interacting with you. Make your readers feel valued and special. When starting out this will be the best time to create and foster relationships. These followers may become your strongest contributors and advocates in the future. 

Time your posts:

There is no point in posting at hours where your readers are not likely to read. Base your timing on when your readers will most likely browse the web. If you are just starting out, you can research statistics of when to post, or experiment with different times. With the analytical tools available you can see what day and time achieves the best results.


Drawing traffic and increasing followers is a whole different topic, but it goes without saying, the more people you have the more interactions you will receive. However building a friendly community that encourages interaction will produce even more by feeding off each other. Most importantly have fun, enjoy yourself and it will show through in your posts! 

Eric Phuah

Director at

Previously in audit and accounting, I branched off into designing a new and innovative social network smartphone application called 'Kinetic! '. Available in Iphone and Android platforms, it connects friends to each other more efficiently compared to other social networks and makes it easier to plan to hang out.

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Great tips Eric :)! Love your articles! Keep em coming!

Peter Montgomery

Peter Montgomery, Founder / Host at

great tips Eric... RE: Interacting with your followers Something I also do is choose people from my other networks to interact with regularly. e.g. if I see you around SavvySME and notice you posting stuff I like on facebook I'll comment and like it etc... to help it along

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