Mastering Product Knowledge Before your First Sales Pitch


        Mastering Product Knowledge Before your First Sales Pitch

Consumers today are socially networked, digitally connected, and favor detailed information regarding the product they want to purchase and most of them conduct research before even speaking to a sales team. However, smart buyers usually approach sales representatives when faced with questions they need accurate answers for. These questions are those which cannot be answered by social media posts, web articles, white paper, and even the website itself. Hence, having extensive product knowledge is important in effectively handling customers’ concerns for successful sales.

Significance of Knowing the Product Being Sold

Since tech products are higher form of commodities that require thorough explanation before customers completely understand how they are used, product knowledge is necessary in closing deals. With that, sales staff gains respect, trust, and loyalty from the customers while they eventually make positive buying decisions. However, it’s better to expect difficult questions from customers in order to be ready in providing them the exact answer they need. Software and other IT products are not easy to sell, so sales representatives really have to be alert in addressing concerns.

How Software and IT Companies Make Sales

Establishing personal connection with customers is an essential strategy in making sales. Sales staff should possess the exact product knowledge needed in providing dependable service for potential customers. On the other hand, once a salesperson failed to provide clear explanations on how the product works, it can push customers away. Below are some tips to help create positive customer experience:

  • Answer all questions. Chances are customers will throw the most difficult questions before purchasing a product. Therefore, product knowledge training is essential in equipping the sales staff when it comes to handling potential customers. In addition, confidence and composure despite challenging questions help build connection with customer.
  • Meet expectations. In order to gain trust, sales reps need to meet customer expectations and needs. And during interaction, customers are observing how trustworthy the salesperson is in the information they provide. If they are impressed, they will likely buy the product or service.
  • Make lasting impressions. With the fierce competition in the IT industry today, creating lasting impressions is important. In fact, consumers look for reputable brands that they know they can depend on in the long run. But the most important aspect to focus on is the buying experience. If customers find it convenient and enjoyable to shop with a particular brand, they will surely choose it again for future purchases.

Advantages of Having Broad Product Knowledge

To empower the sales force, developing knowledge about the products and services offered is crucial. For increased sales, customers should be handled efficiently while giving them the benefits they are promised. So the main advantages of product knowledge include stronger communication skills, increased enthusiasm, higher confidence, and effectively overcoming objections. And to ensure well delivered customer experience, product training can be done to help sales staff acquire the exact knowledge they need in managing customer expectations. By understanding the ins and outs of the business, it’s easier to close deals with customers.

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