The Value of Project Management Courses

The Value of Project Management Courses

As more and more projects are being handled by companies, the ability of employees to take charge and lead the project management to oversee all of the tasks is increasingly becoming an essential skill across all types of industries and throughout a company’s positions, from managers to IT staff.

The types of organizations that are placing value on project management skills also continue to increase. In Australia, for example, project management continues to gain importance not just in the private sector, but throughout government as well. Whatever industry one hopes to work in, this is a valuable addition to qualifications.

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Who Should Know Project Management?

In some cases, project management training is an absolute requirement. While executives and managers were the traditional levels most often associated with training in project management, the importance of this skill has meant that more and more employees at a non-managerial level are looked to for project management qualifications. 

Why Take a Project Management Training Course?

One way to build the skills needed to be an effective project manager is to utilize project management courses and trainings. Doing so gives employees at any level in the company, from entry level to executive, the skills needed to effectively oversee the tasks involved in any type of project.

Because so many companies see the value in project management training, having employees who are certified is an increasingly marketable skill for resumes and promotions. Individuals can invest in the certifications or courses for project management to be more marketable, and businesses can invest in the courses and training programs for members of their staff in order to build a successful team.

Which Methodology Should I Choose?

There are a variety of different options when looking for a project management course or training program to get started. One option that many professionals find to be the most helpful in learning the steps they will need to be an effective project manager is the Projects In Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) methodology.

Now the standard in project management, PRINCE2 was first developed by a group of European companies and the program was disseminated throughout the business world in 1996 to offer ideas, suggestions, and standards on how to successfully project manage. Since that time, PRINCE2 has continued to gain credence and is now looked to as the leading certification to have in project management.

PRINCE2 methodology is based on these key principles for project management:
• using manageable units within a project rather than tackling the entire project at once
• finding a team structure that is clearly defined and optimal
• incorporating flexibility throughout the phases of the project
• business justification
• final product project planning

Where to Learn Project Management
Different training programs and certifications have different options for where to take the courses, seminars, and workshops needed to learn the methodologies and standards for project management. With PRINCE2 training, for example, there is a method of delivery convenient for almost everyone. These options include:
• computer-based for the Foundation Level
• tradition classrooms for the Foundation Level
• tutor-led classroom sessions for the Practitioner Level
• blended courses for the Practitioner Level

Training for an Organization

Any of the current methodologies for project management training can be designed to be taught to an entire organization. Working with a trainer in a specific methodology such as PRINCE2 or creating a curriculum custom-designed for a particular organization’s unique needs, a trainer can provide instruction within the business place itself or at an off-site location for the employees designated to receive the training by the company. This type of training can be particularly useful when an organization wants to focus on what is currently happening within the business and for re-emphasizing how to reach corporate goals through project management.

Whether taking it on one’s own shoulders to complete a certification course in project management, or working to design a curriculum that is business-specific for a group of employees, project management training is becoming a must for businesses worldwide. It’s a skill that saves time, money, and stress, and there are a number of options of what and where to take to learn the skill available for everyone.


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