What does Yahoo want with Tumblr?

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Tumblr has agreed on a price of 1.1 billion dollars for Yahoo to acquire them. What Yahoo has in store for Tumblr is rumoured to be an advertising campaign. Tumblr has admitted that they wouldn’t last longer than a year from the low revenue coming from the site. Moreover, with Yahoo paying 1.1b cash, it’s sure for them to try to rake money from Tumblr.

How will this affect anyone? Well, firstly, if Yahoo went ahead with putting a price on traffic, you would begin to see ads built in around the website. Secondly, Yahoo might not be ‘underground’ enough for the hipsters that are on Tumblr. Thus, Tumblr might be losing a huge chunk of traffic.

It all boils down to how Yahoo would treat Tumblr and the reaction of the loyal users of Tumblr. Major acquisitions have worked well but also destroyed great brands. Unfortunately, the deal has not been set in stone yet but if it did; we have to sit and wait to see either the rise or fall of a great social media website. #Yumblr.

What does Yahoo want with Tumblr?


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Dear Yahoo, please don't ruin Tumblr. #Tumblr - Retweeted 138 times

Timothy Källsten

I hope to god #Tumblr doesn't accept the offer #Yahoo has put up for buying the website. I don't want Tumblr to be destroyed by Yahoo.


If #Facebook was buying #Tumblr, all the hipsters would lose their mind. Yahoo is fringe enough to be okay for them

Han Teng

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Eric Phuah

Eric Phuah, Director at

Should be interesting to see what happens. Thanks for the article.