Difference between Marketing, Advertising, P.R. and Branding?

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Earlier a question was asked: Is there a difference between a marketing and branding agency? and that's still up for discussion.

But I was inspired to write an article about this when I saw this image:

When people say a picture speaks a thousand words, this is one of those times.

It truly captures the essence of each discipline. 

The best scenario for a business is when all these 4 methods of promoting your business integrate with each other and feed off each other.

For example, it all starts with:

  1. You telling everyone your a great lover.
  2. Then you should follow up with ads saying that you are a great lover so you are kept top of mind.
  3. When someone meets someone else looking for a great lover, they'll remember what they heard and tell them you are a great lover.
  4. That should lead someone to seek you out and go "hey I heard you're a great lover".

This smooth integration is the goal of any campaign. If done right, it should naturally lead to each other. Next time you are planning a marketing push, see if you have strategies in place that makes it easy to move through each of these stages, for example social share buttons to move between advertising and P.R. or live chat and great SEO so that people can find you to ask if you really are a great lover.

Let the loving begin :)


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