How to make yourself more memorable?


There is a better way to be memorable than to scream at the top of your lungs in a room. That's never been my thing anyway. I just read this article  from Inc. Magazine and was intrigued by the concept that they put forward. Basically the article explains the concept of linking your name to a story, and that little action in itself will make you more memorable. Much like word association. The great thing about this is that you can create your own "brand image" I guess by making sure you are linked with certain words or images. What you say about yourself when you first meet someone will be automatically linked to you, and the more interesting you make it or more detailed the more likely that you will be remembered.

I know myself would love to be associated with being enthusiastic, resourceful and empathetic. Using this concept I would probably tell stories about how I managed to bootstrap a professional quality promotional for SavvySME for under $70. Maybe the people I meet will immediately associate me with being someone they can ask for advice if they had to get something done for less.

This actually made me think about how useful our member stories are for small businesses. Every community member here is given an opportunity to share their business journey, this is a great way to start associating your business with your "story". The thing I love about the stories that we receive (I promise I'm not being biased at all) is that they are real and raw, and the interview format really brings out the person behind the story.

For example, through these amazing stories I found out that our SavvySME member Melissa Sharman , started her business Grow to Succeed while looking after two kids, and that Paul Friedma n of Quizzame was discovered on a trivia night by a representative and this led him to start the Australian franchise. One of the first stories we received was from Michael Simonetti  who walked away from an already successful number of businesses to start AndMine. 

It doesn't always have to be an interview format that you share, Roland Hanekroot share with us the story of his epiphany while swimming in a crowded pool in Italy. 

Whatever your story is, we want to make you more memorable. Submit your story using this link (you'll need to login or register to submit your article). 

Please add your tips on how to be memorable in the question thread here. or leave a comment :)

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