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Improve your website to achieve high conversionsWe have meetings every Monday, research almost every second of the day and spending sweat, blood and tears to get a business rolling. What businesses want in the end are conversions. Conversions keep a business operating and thus, the cycle continues. One major section of being able to achieve a high conversion rate is due to the efficient website that allows people not only easily navigate around but also complete what they wanted within minutes of visiting the landing page.

First of all, make it obvious what your business offers. Well placed banners or words will attract customers’ eyes and allow them to absorb the reason why they are in your website. Add an effective and catchy headline to tell the users what’s in it for them. However, do not go over-zealous on the words and pictures because when a customer sees a clustered website, their immediate reaction would be to press back.

Secondly, Add in testimonials and comments made by users of the website. The best way of advertising is word of mouth. When users share their personal experience with other users, it also creates a brand image for you.

Thirdly, Use videos to increase interaction between you and your customer. Videos are a good way to show that your company or brand has a “life”. People will be able to picture how your company works and begin to mould a face and body of your company. Plus, sometimes users are just lazy and want to be fed information instead of reading.

Fourthly, Clearly display a form. This form is the reason why you wanted traffic into your website in the first place. You would want to capture their information and most importantly, generate sign-ups or purchases. Remember to place concise headings for your form and also a statement to tempt users to convert. For example, “Sign up now and receive a week free” can be one of the statements.

Moving on, Give your website a personality. Make sure that all the pictures and words that are put up on the site are consistent with the message you want to put forth. A childcare centre would prefer to use words that represent care, compassion and tenderness while a construction website focuses on words that give confidence, strength and loyal partnership.

Lastly is to include useful information for users. Last thing a user wants is to see another catalog that he or she just picked up from the front porch. Give your traffic details and information they need to answer their queries. Examples of this can be in the form of articles, advice and reviews. Even a ‘thumb-up’ would be useful information for some users.

Here are some good examples of high-converting pages (click on enlarge):

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To conclude, your website is like an online maze made to look like a person. It is entirely up to you to make that maze simple or difficult for users. The details of the maze are what make up the personality of the site. When your website is able to communicate in a certain manner, people will imagine your website to be ‘alive’ and talking to them like a friend as well as guiding them through the maze.

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Ewan Watt

Ewan Watt, Director at

great tips.. I would also suggest benchmarking your offer/ value proposition against the top 5 companies also trying to convert the same business... under your customers need better than the competition

Eric Phuah

Eric Phuah, Director at

Really good, easy to implement, and logical tips in there Han, thanks for the article.

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