7 SEO Content Writing Tips To Optimise Your Business Blog

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

7 must know seo tips to optimize your business blog

SEO is one of the most important factors to consider when you start a business blog. Without SEO, then no matter how good your content is, your audience may simply not find it. I can't stress how important SEO content writing is, and the best thing to do for a business blog is figure out the how to optimise your content as soon as you start writing. Your blog will be much more successful if you start by including all necessary tools to fuel SEO  to build up your audience and your reach as quickly as possible.

1.      Always do keyword research

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of SEO. Most successful bloggers would recommend using your keywords throughout the post. They should constitute between 1% and 3% of your written content, and search engines seem to pick them up more when they’re placed in the title, subheadings, or introductions. One thing that should be avoided at all costs is the urge to stuff your content with keywords – search engines actively dislike this, as it makes content appear fake.

2.      Make the most of images

Images are great for a variety of reasons. First, they are great to make your content visually appealing, draw in the reader, and help keep your content interesting. However, images are also great for SEO – as it’s possible to manually alter the alt text and title tags on images. This means that when someone searches for your keywords through an engine like Google Images, your page will still be highly ranked.

3.        Delegate writing and editing

It’s very easy to underestimate how time-consuming writing great marketing content. Most businesses hire people with specific skillsets that don’t necessarily include creative writing. With most aspects of business, when there are limited resources, that part of the business gets outsourced. There’s no reason to change this pattern when it comes to writing or editing your content for marketing.

If you want to hire someone in a traditional way, post an ad and interview potential candidates on sites like Upwork or Freelancer. There are also services that provide fast and efficient means to secure an SEO content writer. For example any assignment writing service offer the chance to simply select the services you want, and they will then be assigned to an expert.

4.      Utilise online editing tools

There are several services available that can help improve your writing and strengthen your content before you post it online. A blog post should be at least a thousand words long in order to be effective. You can monitor this with Easy Word Count, and also review hundreds of online courses, videos, and classes with Australian Help

5.      Use links to back your content up

When content marketing, search engines will rank pages that include links, both internal and external, higher than other posts. This is because links imply that your text is researched and backed up by other sources. These sources could come from within your own website, and simply encourage your reader to visit more than one page, or simply link them to an expert to prove what you’re saying is true. Either way, search engines love this.

6.      Offer a blog subscription

There are certain logos that people will look for when they want to subscribe to a blog. There are several aggregators that are popular, so it’s worth adding all of these to your blog. Make subscription as easy as possible.

7.      Make your snippets intriguing

When you use a snippet for your RSS feed, it needs to be effective. You can’t offer all of the information your reader could be looking for, or they won’t need to click on the link and read the full post. The more clicks you get, the better your SEO content writing will be – and this is best accomplished with an interesting snippet. There’s always the option to make your snippet the first few words of your article, however, it can be much better to include a highlight from the post instead.

SEO is complex, but it’s important. Posting regular original and high-quality content, and including the tips above can massively impact the success of your blog.


Sharon Conwell

Freelance Writer at Freelance Writer and Blogger

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Riswanaah Karam

Riswanaah Karam, Senior Manager at Digital Marketing Company

In my opinion, there is one point missing in these seven must-know SEO tips. One thing is very important according to the https://www.ingic.ae/search-engine-optimization/ that content matters the most. Not only in SEO, even in normal marketing practices, content is really the king. Thereby, SEO is all about content. The content quality should be very high. Adding blogs to various sites helps a lot in traffic and leads. So if the content is not good, then traffic might not engage with it and attain a lead. So content is one of the most important thing in SEO practices.

William Forman

William Forman

Search engine optimization is such vast field. Right from the live web copy of the website up to the entire set of on-page optimization techniques, SEO plan weighs way heavier in the overall success of a website online reputation. I think you have provided the top recommended tops to optimize and come up with a SEO backed blog and these tips are really helpful in the given context.

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