Why Installing a WordPress SEO Plugin Isn't Complete

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you have a WordPress website or blog, you want to attract as much traffic as possible. This is why it's important to employ good SEO techniques. One way of helping with your SEO is to install a WordPress SEO plugin like Yoast. Using a reliable plug in is certainly a good start, when it comes to ensuring the quality of your SEO practices, but you should not leave it at that.

Installing a plug in is not a substitute for using the services of an SEO consultant; they both have different things to offer. We are going to look at the benefits of installing a WordPress SEO plug in and the benefits of hiring an SEO consultant. Hopefully, we can show you that a plugin is a useful tool, not a substitute.

What can you achieve by installing a WordPress SEO plugin?

Installing a WordPress SEO plugin helps you to get a foothold in the complicated world of SEO. One of the most popular plugins is Yoast. If you use the free version of this plugin, it helps you to optimise considerations such as your meta descriptions, content and image titles. The premium version gives you access to additional functionality such as, internal linking, focus keywords and useful insights. As you can see, all of this is useful when it comes to optimising your WordPress SEO. But, it's not a substitute for the benefits that an SEO consultant can bring.

Why hiring an SEO consultant is a good idea

No WordPress SEO plugin can give you the same level of expertise and insight that an experienced SEO professional can. An SEO consultant offers many benefits.

·         Knowledge about the effects of certain plugins on your website.

·         Insights into keyword trends.

·         SEO audits which help to determine the effectiveness of your SEO on an ongoing basis.

SEO plugins may be good, but they cannot give you all of this. It's important that you find a good SEO consultant, and maintain an ongoing relationship. This can be done by either hiring someone to work within your businesses or by engaging the services of an external provider. Of course, the work of an SEO consultant is not limited to the topics we have listed here.

Setting up a WordPress site is only the start. There is no point in doing this is no-one ever visits the site. This is why you need to ensure that your SEO is optimised. There is no doubt that installing a plugin can help. It's an excellent way of getting started out on the ongoing SEO journey though. SEO is a continuous process though; it needs to be monitored so it can evolve. The best way to make sure this happens is to hire an SEO consultant, whether internally or by using a third party provider. 

Danielle Ward