3 Benefits Of Advertorials To Make You Use Them

  • If you have been in the marketing world enough, you have definitely heard the term "advertorials" quite a few times.
  • An advertorial is unique by itself because it doesn't focus solely on the beneficial aspects of a product/service and instead includes an editorial touch to it with valuable information.
  • Find out all about advertorials and their 3 major benefits to start using them for your own business sooner than later.

benefits of advertorials

An advertorial is the combination of an advertisement and an editorial. In a printed form, the advertisement is usually written in an objective article made to look like an independent news story. In television media, the advertorial would be similar to an infomercial presentation of products and services. This will appear in commercials or as a segment within talk or variety shows. In radio, this would be a commercial or a discussion between the announcer and representative. The way a written article differs with advertorial examples is that information is provided on a product or service but in a way that the reader does not feel persuaded in any way. They have been used by marketers for a long time and have several benefits

1. Attract attention

Unlike normal advertisements that consumers are used to which are made for attracting people by over exaggerating their product or service, advertorial advertising is different and does not give that image. It is usually catchier than the usual advertisement with an interesting heading and compelling content to attract attention and interest from their readers. 

2. Provide knowledge

Since advertorials are able to attract attention of readers, they are then able to increase the knowledge of a certain topic to them. A problem is discussed with solutions provided and readers are then informed about certain advantages a product or service can provide to them. This is the purpose of advertorial advertising, providing the right information to consumers.

3. Increase sales

Advertorials are a great promotional tool to increase sales. After reading your piece, readers will feel that the product or service discussed will satisfy their needs. This can lead to a purchasing decision and increased profit for your business.

Change your image

People may have a preconceived idea of what a product does and its quality. However, an advertorial can enhance the image of a product, elevating its features and changing the mind of readers, making them feel that it is a quality product.

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Which type of advertising do you prefer and does it work effectively for you own business?

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