How To Effectively Promote a Small or Start Up Business Using Custom T Shirts

How To Effectively Promote a Small or Start Up Business Using Custom T Shirts

One common misconception that many new business owners have is thinking that they need to spend lots of money to market their businesses and promote their brands. However, for most start up businesses it is vital to plan ahead and spend their marketing dollars wisely rather than splurge on expensive advertising. New businesses can employ a combination of proven marketing techniques along with finding innovative and creative ways to promote their businesses. One inexpensive and highly effective way to promote a business is through the use of custom t shirts. Employees and customers can help spread the word about a new business and build brand awareness through colorful t shirts with the company's logo and slogan.


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It may seem like old news to print and distribute wholesale t shirts. However, this marketing technique really works. That is why so many companies have used this promotional tool to spread the word about their businesses. This technique is especially effective for small and start up businesses, since it offers so many benefits at such a low cost. However, it is also a marketing tool that can work well for large, established businesses as well. In fact, larger businesses can take advantage of t shirt printing services that offer big discounts on large orders. Many times you can obtain all the custom t shirts you want for as much as fifty percent off.

Custom t shirts bought at wholesale or heavily discounted prices can be custom designed with the company's logo and slogan. They can be given away at public relation events as promotional giveaways, handed out at trade shows and worn by employees and customers to help spread the word about a company and its brand. Using custom t shirts effectively can help start up and small businesses maximize their exposure at a relatively low cost. Inexpensive t shirts are a highly effective way to reach a company's target audience as well as establish the business brand and build industry recognition. It takes time to establish a new business in the marketplace. However, it is important to work within a marketing budget and slowly expand as new capital is available for additional advertising.

Tips For How To Effectively Use Custom T Shirts To Promote a Start Up or New Business

* Constantly look for new and innovative ways to expose the company and its brand through the use of custom t shirts with creative designs.

* Find ways for the t shirts to get multiple exposures. One effective way of doing this is to have employees wear the shirts and also to give them out to customers or at promotional events.

* Keep the design simple but also creative so that people will want to wear the t shirts.

* Find ways of distributing the t shirts that will leave a lasting impression. They can be give out at promotional events and trade shows and also packaged together with other promotional items for added value.

* Always incorporate the company's logo into the custom t shirt design. This is very important for branding purposes. Many new business owners with start up businesses think adding the company logo isn't all that important because most people won't recognize it. That is exactly why it should be integrated into the design, so that the new business can start to establish brand recognition. A memorable logo will certainly help with those efforts.

Inexpensive custom printed t shirts are a highly effective way to advertise one's business due to their functionality, wide appeal and opportunity to incorporate a business logo and motto along with a creative design to make a lasting impression. Establishing a good relationship with a quality t shirt printer or supplier can allow a small or start up business to launch a highly effective marketing campaign on a shoestring budget, and get the company's name and brand into the minds of potential customers.

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