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Is  your business incredible? These eight pointers show you how you can create an incredible business. It may take some time but you can get there.

I suggest you grab a pad and a pen and start adding your own depth to each of these 'meaty tidbits' of wisdom, if nothing else use it as a set of guidelines to live by in creating your business. Armed with this information the sky should be the limit!

  1. Think leverage - For more business income, greater profits, more ideas, more assistance. How? By creating more brilliant connections, meet more of the right people and utilise their services to provide you with what you need. Get your pen warmed up and write down who can help you or at least where you might find more people to assist you. Don't be shy, ask them if they are interested in assisting you
  2. Be strong - Have guts, enthusiasm and a ‘go get em’ attitude - This equates to having passion, when people can feel the passion (not because you told them you are passionate) from your incredibly positive actions they will be inspired to be part of what you have, Richard Branson appears to be that sort of person, who else can you identify that seems this way?
  3. Identify solutions - Seek solutions rather than seeing problems and you will soon find ways overcome challenges. Ask your team to also seek out solutions and bring them to the table, then get them started on putting their ideas into action. The faster you start the faster the solution will serve you. Often you need to ask good questions to get exceptional answers. It might go like this "How can I boost turnover, by getting more customers..." - Answer, advertise more, in ways that suit our ideal customers...
  4. Push positive boundaries - Read anything that says your business needs to be more creative and see what comes up, quirky, innovative far out and fanciful ideas can be easily ditched because they can seem SO unrelated to your business, but what if one quirky action allows you to explore a positive boundary or idea? You might just uncover a great way to open up new markets, solve a huge challenge, free your mind up to finding a solution. I like to think of it this way, a rubber band is useless unless it’s stretched, so go ahead stretch!
  5. Be focused and concise - Most people get the focused part and know that it needs to happen but can’t seem to sustain it. then there are those that get long winded or take too much time with what they are focusing on. Get both of these right and you will kick many goals. Oh and it doesn't mean getting your head stuck in the sand :)
  6. Be open to new goals - Your initial goal may have been to raise your bottom line by 10%, but what if you blitz that in half the time frame you set? Therefore be open to the goal changing if it’s going to be better, or different in way that will have a better outcome in some way, explore…
  7. Work with exceptional people - No matter which professionals you work with, internally or externally, find out what makes them exceptional people to work with. Make it an interview question, make it a qualifying question for sales reps. let’s face it if you can have an exceptional business, why not? This is probably where it starts
  8. You are not the business - In the beginning you probably are, but the more you work on the business the faster you will replace yourself with people better than you and ensure you can truly be a business owner or an entrepreneur who starts many successful businesses. One way to start doing this is to list the things you hate to do in your business and find someone who loves to do that part, you will love what you do more and more if you do that, leaving others to do the 'hack work'

That’s the list, notice how it’s loaded with great people, great thinking ideas, passion, enthusiasm, focus and goals… your challenge is to make a start on your business plans to include these things and continue to do them. Go searching for one page business plan templates, great ways to write up your business values now put it all together.

Steve Gray

Director at Gray Capital Investments

You're in business, you want to win, not fail, you want success not struggles. You have an idea, you have spent a lot of money and time getting started but now what! Get a strategy in place, develop a plan, call me and get an outsiders view on what you are doing well and what needs to happen next. In the meantime check the articles on my websites. - - Get the E book - Simple Business by Steve Gray - You went into business, now make it really work for you.

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Eric Phuah

Eric Phuah, Director at

Great article Steve! Straightforward and concise with a load of great ideas and pointers. Should be helpful to the readers and I'm sure a few of them will be inspired.

Steve Gray

Steve Gray, Director at Gray Capital Investments

Thanks Eric.... Giving businesses how to information one step at a time. It's esier to digest that way. :)

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