Lights, Camera, Action: 5 Ways to Integrate Stellar Videos Into Your Business Today

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  • If you're afraid that creating videos for your business will be too challenging or expensive, they're not. And the benefits they bring are amazing.
  • A couple ways to start using video is to go live on social media or for small projects, work with a video production company.
  • Some other video ideas include content for your products/services, customer testimonials, and an introductory video to your company.

​​ how to make business videos

Video has long been considered to be the most engaging type of media, and therefore the media with the best ROI. But at the same time, many companies have traditionally avoided video production out of a fear that it could be overly challenging. Video doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. There are ways you can start integrating video into marketing your business today.

Start Recording and "Going Live" on Social Media Accounts

Social media makes it easier to utilise the power of video. On social media accounts, you and other employees within your business can easily discuss new information about your company and exciting new products or services in real-time - live. This is a great content marketing and social media tactic as it directly engages your followers.

You can stream video from corporate events or simply give some tips and tricks. Social media videos are generally constructed on-the-fly, so they really don't require any expensive equipment. You just need some lighting and a good mobile phone and you can usually get started.

Work With a Professional Video Production Company for Small Projects

Working with a professional company isn't necessarily overly expensive. In fact, there are many companies that specialise in specific types of videos (such as product features). They are able to create professional quality videos quickly using the materials that you provide. Working with a professional video production company gives you the opportunity to experience video content without having to invest a lot in time and money.

And what are these small projects? Explainer videos, client testimonials, and even short online commercials. These are projects that are easy for a professional video production company to do but could be challenging for a small business to complete on its own.

Record Content About Products and Services

An easy way to start getting into video is to provide some information about the products and services you provide. A fast overview of one of your flagship products will answer questions in a compelling and easy to digest way. If you're selling products online, simply seeing the products through video may compel a customer to finally commit. In terms of services, video is a way to develop a relationship with a customer and display your company's branding and culture.

Develop Some Customer Testimonials

One of the simplest and most affordable types of video is the customer testimonial. All a customer testimonial really requires is a valuable customer who is willing to speak about their experience with your organisation. Customer testimonials vastly improve the trustworthiness of your business; showing customers what they can expect if they choose to work with you. Many satisfied customers are more than willing to work on testimonials too, especially if you were able to show them service that went above and beyond.

Create an Introductory Video

Finally, video is one of the easiest ways to explain what your business does and what makes it unique. An introductory video for your company's landing page or for your social media channels is a way to establish your company's branding early on -- and to tell your customers exactly what they can expect.

Video is too valuable to be ignored, especially for small businesses that are generally trying to compete within a hyper-local area. Though video can seem intimidating, working with a professional video company can make it a lot easier -- and, as you learn, the process itself will become more streamlined and affordable.

Andre Smith


I am an IT, Marketing and E-Commerce specialist with a couple of years of experience in the industry.