How to Move Your Business Online in 3 Incredibly Easy Steps

How to Move Your Business Online in 3 Incredibly Easy Steps
  • Moving your business online can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be when you follow these three easy steps.
  • First of all, you need to set up a business website.
  • Second, choose a customer payment method.
  • Finally, build your social media presence to help your business get found.
  • Ok... we need to go into a little more detail than that, so read on to learn more!

​​ how to move your business online

Are you planning to move your business online? Maybe you're creating your first ever business website, or you want to improve your existing online presence for better marketing.

Either way, moving your enterprise online is a great marketing move that will expose you to a bigger audience and increase your chances of generating better returns.

It also will also give you an opportunity to interact with your customers and help you to understand their needs and tailor your product to meet the needs.

Using the Internet can overwhelm business owners who are new to the concept of online marketing and e-commerce.

What’s more, the lack of information about how to move your business online can throw you into many hours of trial and error that may not bear fruits.

How to Move Your Offline Business Online 

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to successfully move your business online and do it right the first time. In order to move your business online, you will need to

  1. Set up a business website
  2. Choose a payment system
  3. Build your social media presence 

1. Set up a business website

The first step to moving your business online is creating a fully functional website if you don’t have one already. The website is like your company’s brand ambassador. Visitors and potential clients will judge the business based on how user-friendly your website is.

Developing a website requires more than just choosing a domain, hosting provider, and creating an attractive theme. Focus on creating quality content for the site and utilising the right SEO strategies to rank it high on search engines.

An informative website with an organised structure and a simple layout attract a lot of traffic. Also, set up an eCommerce store on your website if you want to make online sales. You can consult with a professional website developer if you have difficulties setting up a DIY one.

2. Choose a payment system

If you want to sell some products online, you need to set up a payment system that will facilitate the transfer of money between you and your customers. The payment system you choose can make or break your eCommerce business; therefore, you need to make a few considerations before making a choice. One of the best online payment systems for your business is eWAY. Here are the benefits of using eWAY for your e-commerce site:

It is relatively easy to set up, and you can start receiving payments within six days of creating your Internet merchant account.

  • It accepts multiple credit card payments.
  • Customers can also pay through Paypal.
  • It has reliable real-time 24-hour customer support. You can access them via phone or email if you are facing difficulties with the payment system.

3. Build your social media presence

Does your company have a presence on online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter? If not, you should focus on setting up profiles on social media so that you can direct your audience to your website.

In today’s Internet era, there are millions of users with social media profiles, and a good proportion of these are potential customers for your business. Any business that seeks success in the online domain must excel at social media marketing.

Leverage these platforms by providing engaging content in the form of text and visuals that will draw users to your business page. Encourage your audience to review your business and its services and share their experience. Provide a link to your website so that customers can access it for more information about your company and purchase your product.

Creating an online presence for your business doesn't have to be an exhausting or complicated process. With these simple steps, you can work your way towards adopting marketing strategies that will draw traffic to your site and increase the ROI of your business.

Andre Smith


I am an IT, Marketing and E-Commerce specialist with a couple of years of experience in the industry.

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Robert Rex

Robert Rex, Digital Marketer at Branex

Digital marketing techniques and mobile apps have now become the crucial elements for moving a business Online in this era. A research conducted by said that 60% visitors came from the mobile devices having OS like Android, Ios etc on the specific Business website. Obviously, it is a clear sign of the evolution of mobile applications industry in future.

Mollie Sims

Mollie Sims, Writer at Freelance

The business strategies are much difficult for us to drive because we are not aware about the current markets and the stakeholders and shares also matters in this strategies and if we try to move our business online and for that we have to make the things according to the task of it which can be more easy for the people and are also having proper assessment of this thing and they are trying their best to drive the proper digital strategy.

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