No need to send your Telemarketing requirements Overseas!


Telemarketing is a very effective way to communicate with potential and existing clients. Although email is fantastic there is something special about that interaction over the telephone.  For telemarketing to be effective the person making the call must really believe in the message they are trying to get across and the business they are representing.

Understandably with the costs of everything on the rise the choice to offshore your business telemarketing needs is extremely tempting. We are not by any means putting down this option; we also agree that if you’re looking for a “cheaper alternative” with the potential to have copious amounts of calls churned out that’s the way you should go. It’s our belief although that the benefits of choosing not to offshore your telemarketing requirements far outweigh the alterative.

Straight up is the obvious, we are keeping jobs here in our wonderful country. Unemployment levels are now going down so if we have the chance to keep jobs here for hardworking Aussies, let’s do it.

Secondly language barriers and location can prove to be somewhat problematic to your clientele. It is very frustrating when dialogue becomes confused therefore it distracts from important messages and reason for the call. By choosing an Australian company you can rest assured this won’t occur and the messaged will be relayed clearly and effectively.

Overseas call centres have insanely strict rules around keeping the average handling time of a call to a minimum to ensure a strong emphasis is held on making a huge amount of calls. Productivity yes is important but nowhere near as critical as that initial relationship built when the caller takes the time to educate the potential client by getting the message across. No one likes to feel that they are being rushed especially when it wasn’t them who even made the call. We can all relate to feeling like a number on a dialling machine, it’s not very nice nor does it feel very special. Taking that extra time to market your business builds a sense of trust in your band and business.

The service we can provide also ensures your customer wont here a delay when they answer the call which can automatically get them on the back foot. We have all had a call come through from a private number, waited what seems like for an eternity for someone to talk and the dialling machine to kick in. For many they have already hung up by the time the caller has introduced themselves.  At Admin Worthy we have VA’s who are all professionally trained and experienced Telemarketers who can put the recipient of the call at ease. We do not believe in sounded scripted actually in fact we find it off putting for the caller. Nobody wants to be treated like a number not a person. We are warm, caring and always represent your businesses with pride. We take the time to research and familiarise ourselves with your product and service.

Another concern that may occur with off shoring is the company you hire overseers are not familiar or up to date with Australia’s strict rules around Telemarketing and the Do Not Call Register. Did you know that if your telemarketer breaches many of the rules around this practice your business is liable? The fines can be astronomical!! As an Australian company with ensure we keep up to date with all the legislation. We also conduct regular training to ensure we are all compliant

Remember when someone calls a potential or existing client they are representing your business.  So what impression do you want that person to be left with at the end of the call?

Sandra Wright

Director & Virtual Admin Assistant at

Sandra hadn't thought much about running a business. However, after having her third child, she decided against going back to working for an employer. That's when the idea of becoming a Virtual Assistant eventuated. After extensive research, Sandra started the process of seeking clients and building her business. She established AdminWorthy in February 2010. AdminWorthy is a virtual based business helping small to medium business with their administration tasks.

Comments (2)
John Belchamber

John Belchamber, Owner & Senior Consultant at Invoke Results

Great points Sandra, another business service where saving on cost is often a false economy. We've all experienced the frustrations of dealing with an overseas customer service/telemarketer pretending to be here.

Sandra Wright

Sandra Wright, Director & Virtual Admin Assistant at

Thanks for your feedback John. Very true. We know from experience that overseas telemarketing can do more harm to your business than good.