Why I can't be entrepreneur...


Why I cant be entrepreneur...

We all have dreams to be a successful entrepreneur. Its really exciting to be one, but after doing business or working with various companies, all my excitement now has gone and I'd like to share why I now feel I can't be entrepreneur. 

I am a family guy

When I planned to be an entrepreneur, I was young and had no family attached to me. Everything I was earning I could directly invest in my idea. It was so easy to call any one of my friends and ask for help. Since they were also free, they can contribute to my business for only a couple of beers. But now its hard, all people I know are involved on their own day job or business. Getting help is hard. And no one is willing to contribute for free.

When i was teenager, I had only a little money but I could spend all of my money and get much more out of it. I can work 24 / 7 without worrying about earning any money as I had been funded by my parents for money for food and shelter, so it was just me and my basement and not as much responsibilities. Now I cant, I have to save money, I cant spend all that I have as there is no one to back my finances, all the support from my parents is no longer available. So, if I were to create something, I must create something, that can be created with no or little money like Facebook.

I can't create Facebook, it is a useless concept

Well in my early days when I got an idea which I believed in, which clicked and I thought would make me a successful entrepreneur, I could go for it and start working on that without a second thought.

But now when I get the concept, my professional instinct kicks in, I go for planning like conceptual planning, concept testing, feasibly testing, ROI calculation, marketing analysis and so on and on. By doing all these analysis 90% of my plans goes in vain as all these things tell me my idea will never work. 

Sometimes I think that my ideas are all junk and will never work. To prove this concept I took the concept of social media where people can share their status and share their photos. Then my professional instinct kicked in. I did all of my analysis and don't find much of a difference from other sites like Hi5, myspace e.t.c and as per my analysis, Facebook seemed unmarketable, it's not competitive, and because I can't compete with big guys, I dropped the idea. But hey a guy called Mark Zuckerberg started the concept 'facebook'  (well he was teenager when started, parents funded, not having to worry if the project fails, have friends who can code for him for couple of beers e.t.c ) . Now its the happening thing.

I am in rat race

I am a normal human being, I am not Superman or Spiderman who can do amazing things and stay out of the current world's rat race. So as a law abiding decent citizen of the nation, I have a dreams of getting a nice home, nice car and good holidays each year. All my friends have houses and cars and all the things I have ever dreamt of. And by the way i am in my mid 30's. That means I should have all basic assets like a house by now. So I am saving all my money to buy a house. So being part of the rat race I cant invest my life savings into my ideas. So I have to start some thing without investing much money of my own.

Sound interesting don't it?

I even tried to approach some investors like venture, seed, incubators e.t.c. But again my professional instinct kicks in. From the last 15 years I have been working as a developer, so I don't talk to much, I don't speak to people to much, I don't go out and meet clients too much. So eventually I became a silent guy or may be I must say I don't know how to talk or sell myself. After all I am not a marketer, I am a developer. I found same thing with people in different professions. They can work but can't sell themselves. This clearly means I can't present or sale my idea to the investors. 

I have 1001 reasons on why I believe I cant be entrepreneur any more, if you guys think I shouldn't be thinking that way or like to share what you think on the topic or share your experience that would be awesome. 

....by the way , I have get back to work , I have feed my family, and also spend some time with my family, sorry as I said I am not a teenager so I have some responsibilities

May god save my Dreams Amen. 

Ananda Raj Pandey is a freelancer web developer, working in the similar domain from last 15 years, with clients all over the world.

Ananda Raj Pandey

Developer at SavvySME

Ananda Raj Pandey brings over 18 years of IT products development experience with proven expertise in supporting and optimizing performance of web servers ( window / Linux) and providing freelancing services on web application development from planning to deployment.

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Eric Phuah

Eric Phuah, Director at

Just like all things timing is one of the most important factors when it comes to making decisions. Although it seems like you may not be in the optimal position right now, there's a reason and scheme to everything and maybe later on an opportunity may come for you to come up with an even better idea than Facebook :) Thanks for the honest article Ananda!

Wisdom Kwasi Asare-Amegashie

Wisdom Kwasi Asare-Amegashie, IT Consultant at Self-employed

Ananda,I can't help but admire your sincere self-appraisal. In fact, you have just done a perfect SWOT analysis for yourself! By identifying your Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats (or fears) and the Opportunities available to you half of the problem is solved. Refuse to run the rat race! History is replete with people who determined not to be part of the rat race and succeeded eventually. One classical example is Michael Faraday, the inventor of the electric bulb. Try to find out how many times he tried before success came his way. Remember the primary school poetic rhyme? If at first you try but fail, try, try and try again. Therefore, Ananda, you can be an entrepreneur so try, try and try again! Good luck!!

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