5 Business Etiquette Tips to Outsmart Your Competitors

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  • Business etiquette is a powerful tool for any business owner to establish himself as a trusted partner in the market.
  • Sometimes businessmen might forget about small gestures that matter the most in the competitive corporate world.
  • We are here to tell you more about them and present 5 of the best business etiquette tips to stand out and outshine the competition.

business etiquette tips

Knowing how to use the power of business etiquette can well prove to be your secret weapon towards unlimited success. But the question is, do you have the time for practicing business etiquette? If the answer is not in the affirmative, you should immediately make efforts to put it on your top priority list. Remember, good business etiquettes often act as silent ad campaigns!   

The following five business etiquette tips will definitely provide you a competitive edge:  

1. Talk Less and Listen More

Talk only when it matters! Talk only to make a positive difference! This is an absolute golden rule for establishing a good relationship with your client in the long run. Clients mean business; therefore, the talks should always be productive and directed to add value to your time and the client’s at the same time. Furthermore, to gain a competitive edge, you would do well listening to what your client has to say. Finally, listen carefully and attentively to pick up the subtle suggestions and criticism made by the client.

2. Offer Personalized Gifts:

Personalized gifts have always proved an excellent option for strengthening the bond with your clients. They can be distributed on any occasion as a token of remembrance for the continued support and trust showed by the clients towards your business. However, please do take your time to make them as special as possible. Big gifts may not necessarily prove the best option as corporate clients often face strong criticism on receiving them. For instance, big gifts like food baskets come automatically with an invisible pressure of sharing or distributing with the other team members of the organization. Therefore, such gifts can make your clients uncomfortable.  

On the other hand, a small and an inexpensive present such as a gift voucher to a popular restaurant or coffee shop, would not only prove a nice gesture on your part, but would also come as a present that could be accepted without any objection. You can also pick coffee mugs or table calendars with your client’s name embossed on them in the list of your gift items. Whichever option you decide to go with, clients will appreciate the gesture and remember you. 

3. Find Your USP

Make an effort to find out what makes you so unique in front of your own clients. Why they continue to restore faith upon you? Place this question directly in front of the clients and wait for their feedback. This is absolutely crucial for strengthening the relationships with your existing and potential clients. Brief surveys conducted through Zoomerang or SurveyMonkey can prove to be excellent sources for this crucial information.

The collected data will give you an exact picture of where you stand in the competitive market. You might find this similar to marketing, but this is a pure etiquette move directed towards the well-being of your business. You can even seek consultancy, training, coaching, and therapy from professionals to help achieve your business goals without compromising on the well beings of your employees.

4. Realise the Importance of Hand-Written Mails

A hand-written mail in this email-oriented corporate world can easily attach a distinctive edge on your business reputation. It would indicate that you are prepared to take the necessary time out for your clients, and also that you definitely care for them. Keep your mails as simple and original as possible. Finally, make sure that all the mails always include a thank-you note for the referral or opportunity provided by your client.   

5. Treat Everyone with Equal Importance

There’s no hiding to the fact that you have to be extremely patient and as reasonable as possible with all your clients. But at the same time, it is equally important to develop a healthy professional bond with the bookkeeper or even the administrative assistant of your esteemed client. Just strive hard to establish such bonds – and it will open avenues of unimaginable opportunities in front of you.

So, these are some tips that might prove extremely helpful if you decide to follow them religiously. Don’t forget to add your own insights so that your business manages to outsmart your competitors without getting into an ugly fight. 

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Awesome tips! Adding that personal touch will definitely make you stand out from the rest.