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Five blog writing tips for your business

                                                      Social media |  Five Blog Writing Tips

Don’t skip blogging for your business. Whether you’re a blogging novice or a writer extraordinaire, it’s not hard to start blogging for business. Writing a blog is a very good marketing tool to place yourself as an expert in your field and to propagate valuable information online. We have all heard it “content is king” and in a previous blog post we have addressed how a content strategy can really assist you in furthering your online reach. From an SEO perspective, you need to have fresh and exceptional content and on places like Twitter as well using – the right (#) hashtags will ensure that you capture some attention.

Writing new and useful content also shows to your target market and clients that you keep educating yourself about your industry and that you are inspired by it.

Here are my five top tips when it comes to blogging:

1) Short and Sweet – Gone are the days where people would sit for hours reading the paper and rummaging through information. In the ‘bigger and faster’ world we live in it’s all about being able to create ‘short and sweet’ content which people can read quickly while surfing the net.

2) Use Images in Your Posts – Our brains are naturally interested and attracted in visual cues (images) so make sure that you use them to give some personality and vibrancy to your content. There are many sites you can use to find stock images such as or‎ and you can also use images from your own business. Try to avoid pixelated images or images with a poor resolution as most people surf on their phones and these don’t translate very well on a mobile screen. You can even incorporate videos through most blog platforms nowadays so why not zest up your content a little bit.

3) Plan and Don’t Be A Ghost - Similarly to any other social media effort, you have to be consistent and post regularly – nothing worse than a ghost website or empty profile. Lay out a list of topics you could write about and allocate some time to research them and write about them. The key is to remember that you are writing for your target market and not for yourself so if you love talking about the roast chicken you had last night or your kid’s football game but can’t find a way to tie this up with a business goal – don’t.

4) Apply the 3 E’s – Entertaining, Educational and Engaging. Nowadays people are very appreciative of businesses and brands that put personality in their marketing, don’t be afraid to do the same. Have a chat to your team and see with them what they think your clients would want to hear about – if you have medium sized business (or larger) account managers and salespeople are first in your line of business – they will have a good idea of what you should talking about. Tips, daily happenings and tutorials are just some of the things you can write about.

5) Spread The Love – You spent a few nights writing some valuable and engaging content, you found the right images to make it look attractive and slick– now what? Now it’s time to plan how you will spread your content online and make it reach your customers, prospects and other stakeholders in your business activity. This differs largely from business to business – some might prefer Twitter, others LinkedIn or Facebook. Whichever situation you are in – make a plan and find out where your customers hang out online and promote your blog accordingly. Nowadays social media support tools like Hootsuite or Buffer make this quite an easy task.

There is a lot blogging can do for your website in terms of exposure and client - business relationships. It can even help you build backlinks and increase traffic significantly. Creating a blog and maintaining it on a regular basis is a great way to get leads and increased exposure. So – get writing!

Tips by: Sharon Latour

Sharon Latour is the founder and Queen Bee of Marketing Bee.

Bio: There is rarely a quick trip to a shop or a business for the infamous Queen Bee, the reason for this is that she will observe and dissect everything while writing up a marketing plan in her head to see what works and what doesn’t. Sharon breathes, thinks and loves marketing. Whether it is social media, planning, design or branding – Sharon is always up for giving measured, professional and effective marketing assistance. Sharon has also worked with public listed companies and coached businesses to get the best out of their social media efforts.

Sharon Latour

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I hail from Mauritius, an idyllic island off the coast of Africa and moved Down Under as an international student. Being in a corporate job wasn't for me so I took my own path with $450 in the bank. I've always been passionate about SMEs and after seeing so many struggle digitally, I founded Marketing Bee. We are Australia's first cloud-based marketing department, providing digital production, social media strategy, web development and everything in between for our clients here and overseas.