5 Little Things to do Every Day to Improve your Social Media

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Social media is time consuming, there is no doubt about that, but through my years of trying to get it "right" I realised there are a few little actions that really do go a long way. However don't expect to move mountains on the first day with these tactics, it's something you need to do everyday and you'll soon see the results over time. Before you can benefit from these actions you need to make sure that you have great content on your social accounts to begin with - these things just help you get in front of people. 

1. Follow a few people every day 

People love other people following them, so show a little love by following a few relevant people in your industry everyday. This helps you get in front of people who will look at your profile, curious to see who followed them. This is why it is important you have good content, the better your content the more likely they will follow you back. To prevent a bad follow ratio on your sites you can remove the people you follow that are not producing content or producing irrelevant content.

2. Favourite/like as often as you can

This is a great exercise to do while you are waiting for anything, appointments, waiting rooms, for the train, so make sure you have the app ready on your smartphone to begin. It only takes a couple of minutes everyday to like a few pieces of content on your feed and through hashtags to show some appreciation to the people you are following and strangers. It's great to have a mix of both people you know and people you don't. This is a great way to start connecting to someone you want to meet, by first liking a few pieces of content over time. This action also takes less time then commenting.

3. Post a few comments 

Whether it be other blogs, or on twitter, commenting is a great way to really engage with your fellow social media friends. Most people will also reciprocate with a comment of their own so use this time to boost a social media channel of yours. If you need more comments on your blog, comment on a few other blogs. If you want more mentions on your twitter, go and interact with some followers on twitter.

4. Link your accounts

There are great ways to post your content to multiple accounts, so if you are time poor make sure you link your secondary profiles to the main profile you update. For example for SavvySME we link our Facebook posts to twitter so when we update one, it updates the other. A few of these set up will save you so much time in the long run. If you have time though, it's best to tailor content for the individual channels.

5. Post something

I left the most obvious to last. The most basic think you can do is post something! Having no content on your social accounts makes you look like a newbie, and without content all the actions you do above may be wasted. It doesn't have to be "work-related" all the time, feel free to share your favourite funny videos or images. Motivational messages are also great content fillers and make everyone feel good.

I'd love to hear what your tips are for getting your social media done in the smallest amount of time possible. If you have any specific questions about any thing related to social media create a question and the SavvySME community will help you figure it out!

Wendy Huang

Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

I am passionate about helping businesses get online with their own blog or website in just a simple 4 minutes.

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Kathie Bolitho

Kathie Bolitho, DIrector at Tough Cookie Marketing

Hi I have just removed all of the social media profile links that I manage for clients, so that the Facebook posts dont automatically tweet to Facebook - as so many people and businesses are doing this now, I have found many twitter users are very frustrated by the linking and will pass over any fb links.

Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Kathie, that's so true, especially if the post is so long it creates the fb. link. However in the interest of saving time, I still do it, my bad ;) I love how you do it though, having a separate message for twitter users makes them feel loved :) Looking forward to hearing what else you will share with us!

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