10 Ways to Drive Customer Engagement with Email Marketing

10 Ways to Drive Customer Engagement with Email Marketing
  • Email marketing is one of the best opportunities to engage with your customers on a more personal level with more tailored messages.
  • However, quite often businesses forget to pay the necessary attention to utilising certain workflows to create more targeted emails.
  • Curious to learn how you can drive more customer engagement with email marketing? Check out these 10 tips to help you.

10 ways to engage more customers

Your email database can be one of the most valuable assets you've got, so you need to make the most of it through the use of targeted email workflows. Mass emails that are very general or try to cover every possible subject are ineffective for the most part.

Customers will not feel connected and engaged with you if you're not speaking directly to their individual needs and interests. 

How to Engage More Customers with Email Marketing 

Here are 10 of the best ways to target your email workflows in order to engage your customers:

  1. Topic workflow
  2. Blog subscriber workflow
  3. New customer welcome workflow
  4. Lead nurturing workflow
  5. Re-engagement workflow
  6. Event workflow
  7. Abandoned shopping cart workflow
  8. Customer happiness workflow 
  9. Upsell workflow 
  10. Upcoming purchase reminder

1. Topic Workflow 

Depending on what types of products they're looking at, each customer's interests will vary. If someone has been looking through information about installing a pool, there isn't much reason to send them offers for a new refrigerator.

Although sending them offers for that pool installation, tips on what questions to ask your pool installer, or information about maintaining their pool would all be appropriate. Reach Mail makes it easy to segment and target the different groups your customers fall into.

2. Blog Subscriber Workflow

Welcome all of your new blog subscribers with a warm, inviting email. You'll set a positive tone from the start by acknowledging their interest in your blog and you'll open the door to communicating directly with them.

Reinforce the notion that they made a good decision by subscribing to your blog by detailing the things they can look forward to reading about and receiving. For some help with copywriting for your workflow messages, Essayroo is a helpful resource.

3. New Customer Welcome Workflow

When that browsing individual crosses over into the category of paying customer, you'll want to send them a welcome message thanking them for their purchase. You'll be keeping the lines of communication open and can provide them with additional information about their purchase that they may find useful.

Find an amazing cache of resources at Academadvisor or Resumention so you can easily put together properly written welcome messages that give a good first impression.

4. Lead Nurturing Workflow

Someone who has been frequently visiting your blog, downloading ebooks and engaging a lot with your information has demonstrated a high level of interest in what you're offering. This makes them more likely candidates to become paying customers, so it's a great opportunity to nurture these leads through a targeted workflow.

Free trial offers or other special promotions could be just what they're looking for to test things out before they actually buy. Keep your messages on point by removing any unnecessary writing. Easy Word Count and State of Writing are great tools for helping track your word count and limit what you're saying.

5. Re-Engagement Workflow

Contacts who were once highly engaged or were previously paying customers may need to be re-engaged at some point. As the saying goes, out of sight is out of mind, so stay in your contact's minds by staying within their sight.

Set your workflow to trigger a re-engagement message if they haven't visited your website in a certain length of time or haven't engaged with you in any other way in a while. When you're sending messages, you want to make sure that everyone can open them, no matter what platform or device they're using.

Litmus will help you create emails that can be opened on many different devices.

6. Event Workflow

Keep event registrants informed and up-to-date with relevant information directly related to the event they've signed up for.

Before the event, you may want to send out resources they will want to read to prepare them for the event, and after the event is over you can send a message thanking them for their attendance and providing them with a summary of everything that took place, whether it was live in person or online.

If you're giving them information about outside sources, ensure you keep your professional image by using tools like Cite It or Australian Help to put together proper references.

7. Abandoned Shopping Cart Workflow

It's not uncommon for someone to add items to their online shopping cart, then abandon that cart before finalising the purchase. Sometimes they are distracted by something happening around them, other times they may get to the final step and find that shipping costs are too high for them.

By triggering a workflow, you can remind them about their purchase and offer them a special promotion as an incentive to go back into their cart and make the purchase final. Free email marketing software like Target Hero helps to segment your email database and provides you with engaging templates to grab your potential customers attention.

8. Customer Happiness Workflow

Surveys are a great source of information in finding out the level of satisfaction your customers have experienced with you. Separating these 'happy' customers from the 'unhappy' ones can allow you the opportunity to target each group in order to nurture the happy ones and improve the happiness of those who are currently unhappy.

Always edit your messages before hitting send, because unhappy customers will be unimpressed to receive a poorly written, error-filled email from you.

9. Upsell Workflow

The relationship between you and your customers should not end once they've made a purchase. In fact, since they've shown a high enough interest that they became paying customers, you can use this opportunity to upsell them with other products and services.

A customer who bought a blender may be interested in a recipe book to use with it, or even another related appliance, such as a juicer. Make sure you're utilising resources like Eliteassignmenthelp or Big Assignments to proofread your upsell workflow messages, in order to maintain your credibility as a reliable resource.

10. Upcoming Purchase Reminder

For products that require regular replenishing, sending out a purchase reminder message is perfect for helping your customers stay on top of their supply. Once they make a purchase, the workflow is triggered so that the reminder message is sent before the supply they've bought runs out.

This is perfect for something like contact lenses, pool chemicals or other products that get used up and need constant replenishing. Set your purchase reminder workflows quickly and easily through a mail service like MailJet.

Don't miss the opportunity to engage with your customers on a more direct and targeted level. Using these different workflows, you can speak much more directly to their needs and what they are interested in, which will keep them more engaged with what you've got to tell them.

Gloria Kopp

Digital Marketer, Business Consultant at Studydemic

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