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Founded by Parisian-born, Sydney-based Frederique Bros, Women Love Tech started in January 2012. Today, the blog has over 10,000 followers and is growing rapidly week by week.

So What Is All The Buzz About?

Well, Frederique (Freddie) has done something no-one else has – made technology easy, readable and interesting, as well as savvy, sexy and fun. But it’s not just a boring technology blog – Freddie says it’s more of a technology lifestyle blog and is filled with everything women love, whether it’s cool fashion apps, the latest travel tips or the trendy gadgets.

Designed for women who have a busy life and have time poor, Women Love Tech empowers women by giving them everything they need in one site.

Freddie jokes that Parisian bloggers seem to be a cliche. “The most romantic city in the world seems to set off the poet inside a lot of people!” she laughs. Despite Frederique’s 10 years experience within the digital world, you won’t find any geeky talk here.

Women Love Tech is like having lunch with an expert girlfriend.

What Should I Expect To Read In This Blog

Women Love Tech is a premium-level blog targeted at modern women who are passionate about the latest news & apps in lifestyle technology. Whether it’s the best app for travel and health, the latest smartphones, fashion sites, lifestyle and beauty apps, trendy gadgets, social media solutions, bloggers tips, entrepreneur women interviews, product reviews and many more!

10 Reasons To Be Connected

What Is Women Love Tech's Weakness?

Freddie first language is French. After living over 12 years in Sydney, her English is not only fluent but it's also Australian with a French accent! However you might find here and there some English grammar mistakes. But she is working on it and her writing is direct and honest.

What Is Women Love Tech's Strength?

It's uniqueness. Women Love Tech is the only blog in the blogosphere to offer a technology lifestyle space for women without being boring or 'geeky'. It's a modern and witty techno-lifestyle magazine with a brilliant future.

Who Read Women Love Tech

87% of Women Love Tech readers are professional women. Core age is between 20 to 34. They live mainly in United States and Australia. Most of them have their own blog, social networks and online community. They are techno-savvy and browse Internet daily. They own a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone.

What Women Love Tech Readers Have To say

Natalie // Publisher
To be honest, I am addicted to your site. You are doing such an amazing job, keep it up, we need more women like you!

Lana // E-commerce Director
Where have you been hiding your blog? I love it and I’ve already shared it with my girlfriends. I want to buy all your gadgets!

Emilia // PR
I think I’m subscribed to about 50 blogs but your blog remains my favorite. Great mix of femininity, technology tips and fun writing. Keep up the good work!

How Can I Support Women Love Tech

Women Love Tech needs more exposure and support, you are welcome to share the blog with your colleagues and friends. Join Women Love Tech weekly Newsletter. If you want to write about Women Love Tech or just say hello, please send your email: contact@womenlovetech.com

    10 Reasons To Be Connected


Frederique Bros

Founder & Editor at Women Love Tech

Frederique Bros is the founder and main editor of the lifestyle technology online magazine Women Love Tech. Freddie has over 10 years experience within the digital world. Born in France, she lives in Sydney, Australia.