Going Viral is as Simple as Creating Highly Valuable Content

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Every Blogger or internet marketer would like their content, that promotes their products, to go viral. This way it will be shared thousands of times resulting in a massive amount of traffic to your site or blog. The only problem that you as marketer would have to face is that your server might crash as a result. To avoid this from happening you need to put certain things in place.

In addition, your blog or site content needs to be of a high quality so that your fans or subscribers would want to share it with their friends. While there certainly is no guarantee as to how well your content will be perceived by others, it still is well worth trying to give it your all. One way to achieve this is to let the reader think that they are missing out. You could be listing a problem and provide the solution in the heading of your content. This way the likelihood of your content being shared with other is so much better.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your content goes viral would be to position old information in a new way so your visitors will see it in a different light. You may even say something that isn't the most popular opinion right now. People by nature are curious and would not be able to contain themselves in sharing something that is unusual or that was never seen before. You can be sure that your content will go viral if you brainstorm and always look at finding ways to share unusual events or news with your followers.

You could achieve this by writing an unusual idea or thought down the minute it comes into your head. It could even be emailed to yourself to ensure it is there for you to use later on. Often times by simply using the word 'You' in your title you immediately attract attention to your content. You better make sure that the body of your content elaborate on the topic you mentioned in your heading to ensure you do not lose your reader halfway through reading your article.

Making your content easy to share is something else you should always strive in doing. For if it isn't easy to share, it will be going nowhere no matter how good your content is. Being an established blogger will also count in your favor as you will be perceived as an expert in your field and gain the trust of your readers. They will find that they are not making fools of themselves in front of their friends in sharing content that is worthless. However, if your visitors can see that you have been around for awhile and the information you share is always very interesting and valuable, they will not hesitate one bit to share it with their friends.

Through consistently providing high quality as well as thought provoking content while ensuring that it gets updated on a regular basis will ensure that it gets picked up and indexed by the search engines. Quality content is just one of many ways as to how you can ensure your information goes viral. Did you know that there are 20 other very useful viral traffic generation techniques you can make use of.

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Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

Great tips! Amazing insight to making every good content count. We all know how long it takes time to create content, let alone good content. So it's just as important to not waste it, rather make it attractive and easy enough for others to share. Your tips show depth and experience. Thanks for sharing Anthony.