3 Simple Ways to Create a Customised Facebook Ad Campaign

Social Media Advertising
  • Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to reach your target audience, convince them and convert them.
  • But those ads will be effective only if it is customised and tailored to the interests, needs, keywords that are specific for your target niche.
  • Check out these three simple steps to create customised ads for Facebook and start reaping the benefits.

If you’re starting a customised Facebook ad campaign to enhance your business, one of the main challenges for you is to get a better ROI.

In this article, we’re going to reveal simple methods of optimising your Facebook ad campaign and increase the chances for success.

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How to Create a Customised Facebook Advertising Campaign 

Follow these three steps to create a customised Facebook advertising campaign:

  1. Use enhanced targeting with audience insights 
  2. Create optimised landing pages 
  3. Keep ad copy length short 

1. Use Enhanced Targeting with Audience Insights

Experienced social media marketers agree: a failure to use Audience Insights on Facebook is something that holds back many businesses. This incredible function allows getting aggregate information about visitors, such as demographics, page likes, purchases activity, location, language, and usage of Facebook.

To access Audience Insights, go to Ads Manager and click on Settings.

Simple Ways to Create a Customised Facebook Ad Campaign

To demonstrate the power of this tool, let’s suppose you own a fast food company, so you’ll be targeting a keyword “Food” (yes, this one is too generic, but we’re using it just to show you how it works).

Type the keyword into the special field (shown on the image below) and click on Page Likes tab. In the results, you’ll see the fast food restaurants the audience in the U.S. prefers.

Simple Ways to Create a Customised Facebook Ad Campaign

By using this information, you can create a more customised ad for your target audience. Just make notes of all relevant page likes and generate a list of ten interests that could be helpful for ad creation.

2. Create Optimised Landing Pages

A great landing page of your customised Facebook ad campaign can be the most important thing for increasing the number of conversions. Let’s consider an example of an optimised landing page that can achieve just that.

You’re browsing your news feed and see an interesting ad like this one (let’s also suppose programming is among your interests):

Simple Ways to Create a Customised Facebook Ad Campaign

You click on the ad and you’re redirected to a landing page that provides all information about the course.

The page provides more context for the topic of the ad on Facebook. For example:

  • It gives a brief description of the course
  • It allows beginning right away
  • It gives the information about the educator to ensure you’ll have qualified assignment help
  • It has a clearly defined CTA (yellow button on the top)
  • It gives additional info about related courses
  • It provides information about people who have taken the course and had positive results (when you click “Start Course for Free”)
  • It informs the viewer that the course is free.

If a landing page of the ad was the homepage, this information would not have been provided. So, use optimised landing page to increase the effectiveness of your customised Facebook ad campaign.

3. Keep Ad Copy Length Short 

Many social media marketers think that short ads copy provides higher conversion rates than long ones, and for a good reason. A recent study of 37,258 Facebook ads by AdExpresso revealed the most popular lengths of headlines and post text. These findings could be helpful for your own ads.

First, the researchers found that the most popular headline in a Facebook was just five words long.

The following ad by the American Health Information Management Association is a great example of a nice headline. Not only it is tight, informative, and attractive (who doesn’t want more choices and benefits, right?) but all the post text is real to the point.

Simple Ways to Create a Customised Facebook Ad Campaign

The next important finding is the length of the text. According to the study, the average length of the sample was just 14 words. The reason here is the same: this amount allows to keep the text brief and focused.​

So, the key takeaway here is to make headlines around five words long and post text around 14 words long. These lengths should work more effectively because they concentrate the attention of the viewers on the most important aspect: benefits of your offer.

Final Thoughts

Facebook advertising is a complex business that doesn’t have a single recipe for success. However, if you work hard and consistent, your effort will pay off nicely. If you make customisation as the focus of your ad campaign, it will help you to increase its profitability.

Hope these tips will provide you with the information you need to succeed on Facebook by getting to know the target audiences and tailoring the message to their needs. 

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