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Australian Small Business Online Retail Trends July 2013

There is not much in the way of information about small business online retail for Australia. So we have started to collect statistics from a cross section of the online stores run by our customers. The criteria and script that we run each month selects the stores and then the data. We aim for around 300. In June we sampled 268 and July 277 stores. These are all live online stores that are transacting online. It is a lot of data. The first formal reports that we ran were in June although we have been collecting data for some time.

We then have put together an infographic that we will be releasing each month using an infographics engine called

We are looking for trends and also feedback.

The actual order values will not be published just the percentages and trending information.

Any suggestions on the type of data that might be of interest would be appreciated we would really appreciate any feedback.

You can find the infographic at and it is also attached the online version is more dynamic.

Australian Small Business Online Reatiler Statistics