Give Less & Get More - or How Not To Confuse Your Potential Client

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Give Less & Get More - or How Not To Confuse Your Potential Client

Business is hard enough these days - isn't it?

So why make it harder!

And yet that is what many of us do, let me explain...

It is human nature to not want to lose business and in our eagerness to let everyone know just how good we are, and how much we can do for potential clients - well we can bombard the potential client with a long list of what we are capable of doing.

We are looking for any opportunity to get in the door, just to get a chance to prove ourselves in the hope of developing a lasting win win relationship with our clients. But, if you have ever been to a restaurant - you know one of those where the menu is so big that you just can't decide what to order. Well now you know how your client feels. And yet this approach can be seen in operation by many businesses.

What have we achieved by doing this - probably total confusion. With the end result of being considered a generalist and not particularly good at anything - sounds harsh I know. 

In fact in our efforts to show we can fit in anywhere we actually make it more difficult for them to see where our business offering fits into their needs - the general perception is they can't possibly be good or even expert in all of these areas. This tends to be especially true for those in start up mode. 

The bottom line is the client or potential client find it difficult to justify using someone who is not a specialist who cannot show expertise or experience in a niche or focused offering.

Give Less & Get More

So, take a long look at what you do and how you present your offering you may need to Give Less to Get More...

Where are your real strengths?

What will you really enjoy getting out of bed for?

Can you make it commercial?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself...

Our next article will share more of the questions and types of areas you need to consider to decide what your 'menu' should really look like to make it easier for your client.


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