Ten Tips On Attracting Good Employees To Your Company


Evolution of the business market, and standards imposed by large companies on maintaining their employees have made it incredibly hard for starting businesses and small and medium scale industries to attract good employees. Today the lifestyle and the standard of living of people have improved so much that good employees are spoiled for choice, and can even afford to wait and choose the right job to come by. So if you’re keen on improving your business, then you need to know how to attract good employee to choose your company and work for you loyally. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you attract the right person for the job.

Provide a competitive Salary package

The salary offered by the company is the first factor an employee will consider even before applying for the job. So do your homework and find out what your competitors and the large companies are paying for the same position. Even if you’re not able to provide the same, offer a package that’s closer to it.

Promise Career growth

Absolutely nobody would be willing to take up a position if there is no growth or chance of moving upward. So it’s highly important that you stress the future growth opportunities to prospective employees by taking up the position.

Offer a job that compliments their lifestyle

Many employees would be instantly attracted to the job position if they are able to lead a better lifestyle by taking it up. So if your company is located in one of the posh areas of the city or near to a beach feel free to include that to the job advertisement.

Provide the best of what a small business can offer

Small businesses have the flexibility to provide benefits that larger companies wouldn’t be able to provide – so utilize it. Like offer your employees flexible work timing, work from home options and even allow breaks for power naps. 

A comprehensive Employee benefit program

In addition to the basic pay, most employees prefer a little extra to support their life. So offer them a comprehensive benefit program that includes health insurance, free dental treatments, and rental allowances and so on.

Get creative with the perks

Many large companies have inbuilt tennis courts and swimming pool for their employees to relieve stress. Since those things may not be possible right away, try being creative and provide gift coupons and discount vouchers to gyms and spas along with their monthly salary.

Share your profits

This tip may not be applicable for all kinds of employees, but remember to share your success and profits with your prospective employees with a little bonus and earn their loyalty.

Offer a Signup Bonus

If you’re stuck in the wrong time where you’re competing for employees in a fierce job market, offer a signup bonus to attract the good ones. But remember to accompany that offer with a contract for certain period of employment. 


This is your chance to show what your company can really offer. So get creative and work with experts to create a perfect ad for attracting and impressing your future employee pool. 

So just keep the above tips in minds while recruiting and you shall have no trouble reeling in the right employees for the job.

Miles Wiseman