Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey in a Coworking Space

  • Have you ever visited a coworking space in Melbourne? Are you looking for one? Do you know of any good coworking space around there?
  • If no, then we have good news for you because we bring the best shared office spaces in Melbourne to start out your entrepreneurial adventures.
  • Keep on reading to find out the best coworking space list to network, share ideas and get a lot of work done.

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I went to Melbourne yesterday and got the opportunity to explore the startup scene there before we were due to have our first SavvySME Melbourne meetup. 

And it was amazing!

If you ever get a chance to visit Melbourne, don't forget to stop by and check out the great startup coworking spaces around Melbourne. These places are where the startup communities gather on a daily basis to share ideas and work towards changing the world.

Most are within walking distance or 1 train stop of each other so it's definitely worth taking a few hours to meet some new friends and look around. Also if you don't know anyone already, the Melbourne entrepreneurs in these spaces are very welcoming, just send them an email, tweet or call them before you visit. I also find that a majority of Melbourners (that's probably not a word) are happy to have a coffee with you if you kindly contact them. Their cafe and coworking space culture were amazing and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

So where should you go to visit the coworking space aka bustling hubs of entrepreneurial activity?

The York Butter Factory 

62-66 King Street Melbourne VIC 3000

We were lucky enough to have a small tour of this coworking space and one thing that really stood out was how quiet it was. The York Butter Factory caters specifically to digital media and web 2.0 startups. The interiors had a vintage charm, being a converted factory, and I can see this place being incredibly conducive to great ideas. There is a breakout area for lunch and a kitchen as well as a few meeting rooms tucked away towards the front as well.

While we were there I saw small groups sharing ideas and if you're a startup, especially in the tech space this coworking space is going to be a great place to meet and share ideas. If you're planning to visit The York Butter Factory coworking space, just tweet them, they are super welcoming!

I highly recommend you check out their regular events that run in this coworking space as well.

Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey in a Coworking Space

Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey in a Coworking Space

The Hub

Level 3, 673 Bourke St, Melbourne, Vic, 3000

The Hub had its coworking space in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, so it's grown quite big! And when I first walked into the coworking space I was overwhelmed by how much activity and people were buzzing around and working at their desks.This is a great place to network and meet new people.There are a few regulars and also new people popping in and out all the time. This coworking space is just next to Southern Cross Station, so it's very convenient for Melbourne entrepreneurs to get to. If you're in the area also don't forget to check out Kinfolk Cafe which is located just downstairs, all the profits from the cafe go to charity, and it's got such a great atmosphere and tons of happy faces along with a pleasing menu. 

They also have regular events that you can attend

I spotted some guys from Pozible here, also thank you to George who took me on the mini tour

Inspire 9

1/41 Stewart St, Richmond VIC 3121

I was very disappointed that I didn't get to visit Inspire 9, it's located in Richmond which is famous for it's Vietnamese cuisine (Pho) and only one train stop away from the city. Inspire 9 is coworking space and home to a great list of startups and you can also find members from AngelCube hanging around there. I was lucky enough to meet Ivan from Tweaky for a coffee chat in the morning who graduated from the AngelCube accelerator program. Drop ins are welcome in this coworking space and seems like a very friendly community to share ideas and meet fellow entrepreneurs.

They have a list of their community members so you can check out who you may meet there.

I truly loved the vibe of the coworking spaces I visited, even if you have your own office, it's really worth experiencing working out of one of these "brain hubs" from time to time. The value from a coworking space isn't the physical desk, but the knowledge sharing and collaboration that comes out of being involved with a community of passionate entrepreneurs. Some of the larger startups even choose to work close by or in these hubs despite being able to afford their own office, because the innovation that can come from such communities can't be replaced by a fancy office.

Just visiting these places, you can feel it happening and sometimes if you're working alone or even with a small team, it's always great to get some fresh eyes and perspectives. I feel that people a similar coworking space are always happy to give some of their time and help you take another look at your challenges. 

It's an experience a regular office can't replace for Melbourne entrepreneurs and others.

Have you ever visited any coworking space? Tell us about your experience in the comments section :)

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Kevin Mallen

Kevin Mallen, Business Development Manager at

Inspire9 is quite awesome. For anyone stopping through Melbourne for the day, Inspire9 is free to the public for a day pass. They also have a ping pong table, pool table and love sacs!!!

Edgar Allan Jr. Chia

Edgar Allan Jr. Chia at SavvySME


Good list. There’s a handful more coworking spaces for entrepreneurs in Melbourne as it is becoming a trend now. Check out WeWork, one of the biggest coworking space providers globally. They have one in CBD Collins Street. There are a handful around the inner city such as Creative Cubes at Richmond, The Cluster on Queen Street, Framework in Carlton and Revolver in Prahran.