Tips on how to choose the right corporate video producer

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How do you choose a good corporate video producer? Search on the web and you will find a lot of production companies. A competitive market can work for you but how do you select one that will deliver? Here are some pointers from an insider. They are not in ranking order and some will matter more for you than others.

Biggest revelation for new clients is that while filming is very important is just one of the ingredients of a successful production. Creativity in engaging the viewer - whatever the subject is critical.

It isn't expensive!

Good quality video productions start at around the same cost as quality websites in my experience. All things are relative but video really delivers and there are some fantastic professionals out there. Nor do you need to engage an agency, there are producers who will deliver at a fraction of the overhead and time. A good quality program will keep working for you over many years - yes I have clients who are still getting value from work completed three years plus ago.

1)    Experience. How long have they been around? Good providers survive and thrive.

2)    Comprehensive capability. Can the provider offer a complete service from end to end? Can they deliver the creative angle as well as the technical expertise to complete the production?

3)    Who will do the work? Some providers contract out their work and the ability to manage time, quality and cost is lost or severely degraded. I believe that the people who sit across the table when scoping the work should be the people that deliver the video.

4)    Confidentiality and security. Who is handling your images and where are they stored?

5)    Clients. Who are their clients? How long have they worked with those clients? A provider that has undertaken multiple projects for a client over many years is an indicator that their work is of high quality. Test their references.

6)    Industry expertise. Some corporate video producers have built up portfolios in particular industry sectors or for particular types of work. This could be useful if your need require specialist knowledge or skills. However a good provider should be able to honestly confirm whether they can address your requirements even if they are fresh to the industry or need. Don’t exclude them on this basis alone, you may lose out on an innovative approach.

7)    Technology. Few industries have seen more rapid changes in technology to perform and deliver their services than those working in the media industry. From VHS to the web it has been a rapid ride. Hardware and software is important but you should ensure that your provider is focused on the creative outcome not the latest technology. If your provider tells you the latest gizmo they employ before they understand your requirements then who is the ‘client’? Some newer technologies are not necessarily the best way to address a client need. Cameras are tools and you wouldn’t hire a plumber based solely on the tools they use.

8)    Delivery options. With delivery options multiplying as technology changes does your provider understand your requirements? Each delivery option has its own characteristics and needs a specialist to be configured optimally.

9)    Price. The cost is always important but equally the outcome of any work is critical. Focusing only on price will typically mean you will end up ‘getting what you pay for’. Your provider should be able to work to both time and materials and fixed price. We work to budgets and an open discussion on what your budget expectations are is a must. Pricing should always be confirmed formally.

10) Get your brief sorted. Write out what you want covered - simple dot form will do. A producer will need this to price the work - good producers will even do this for you and confirm your requirements if you haven't time to work through the detail.

Expect a personal service and if you don’t think you can get on with the video producer at a personal level don’t choose them even if it costs you more. You will save time, money and frustration by working with a company that fits your culture and approach.

Stephen Pearson

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