3 Reasons Why Catalogues Can Help You Grow Your Business

3 Reasons Why Catalogues Can Help You Grow Your Business

Despite the prevalence of digital media, catalogues remain a key method of retail marketing. People love their printed catalogues, with customers preferring to browse offline and purchase online. Research carried out by the USPS and Comscore detailed that catalogues doubled sales and increased website traffic for both existing and new customers.

Huge growth and new launches in both B2B and consumer catalogue sectors are creating soaring profits for manufacturers, retailers and mail order marketers. 

Catalogues provide a proactive 'tap on the shoulder' with the consumers typically making a purchase in-store or electronically because they saw it first in the catalogue.

Research from Roy Morgan has ranked catalogues among the most useful by consumers when making purchasing decisions.

Why You Should Use Categlogues to Grow Your Business 

There are several reasons why you should use catalogues to promote and grow your business:

  1. Catalogues Drive Customer Behaviour
  2. Catalogues Create Strong Connections With Your Brand
  3. Target New Customers and Reactivate Lapsed Customers

1. Catalogues Drive Customer Behaviour

The ‘cut through’ of catalogues is evident when you consider that 80% customers have made a conversion as a direct result of reading a catalogue.

This influence is a powerful force which can be used to guide customers to the desired outcome. Whether it’s driving sales in-store, inspiring an online purchase or directing them in-store for deals or special offers.

It is reported that retailers across all categories continue to use catalogues because they still get a ‘sales spike’ on the website when the print catalogues are delivered. Latest research reveals that retailers get the highest ROI when a catalogue is used as part of a multi-channel approach.

Well-considered and branded catalogues provide an effective, reliable and trusted vehicle for your information, with a strong ROI.

2. Catalogues Create Strong Connections With Your Brand

Catalogues provide a “time-out” approach where your information can be delivered over a longer period of time for the brand to be absorbed and enjoyed. You can hold a catalogue in your hands, write on it, put it down and pick it up again later that day.

It often stays in the house for weeks. If the catalogue is well designed, customers will more likely keep it and display it on their coffee table or shelf, strengthening the long term marketing investment.

Catalogues remain to be a major part of an effective marketing mix, but is even more powerful when combined with online strategies.

3. Target New Customers and Reactivate Lapsed Customers

A printed catalogue is a great way to get your products in front of prospective customers. After all, consumers need to see your brand multiple times in order to remember you. What better way to do that than with a well-designed, branded piece, full of information about your products.

Plus, catalogues are great to send to existing customers to keep your company top of mind. All of this translates into more sales and higher profits.

Purchase any time, any place and through any method: website, mail, telephone or store. Regardless of how you purchase, a printed catalogue drove the sale.

The catalogue needs to have a strong call to action, clear messaging and the design must be reflective of the brand.

"While online shopping is undoubtedly here to stay, many Australians, when in that purchasing frame of mind, still prefer to leaf through a printed catalogue."

George Pesutto, General Manager - Media & Communications, Roy Morgan Research

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