Is Your Business Ready For The Cloud?

Cloud Computing

Cloud has been a buzzword for quite a while now, following the footsteps of similar words like "social media" and "synergy" the word "cloud" has been used to represent a new way of using your computer.

The robust technology is far from being the white and fluffy puff of air that we think of; most cloud platforms are built in robust military grade servers and carry the security and scrutiny that your business probably doesn't even need, however cloud has made this game-changing technology accessible to everyone for reasonable prices.

If you think you're not using the cloud, you just don't know it. Chances are, you are already using something that has a cloud based storage system: Facebook, Dropbox , your iPhone or Google Docs. In short you are already experiencing the power of the cloud.

We get many small businesses with questions about how cloud computing can make their business run smoother. If you ever had questions such as:

• What EXACTLY is cloud computing? What forms does it come with and are all cloud based services different?
• What efficiencies can I expect to get from using a cloud based service vs. what I'm currently using?
• How safe is cloud computing for my business?
• What business process and data can I safely migrate onto a cloud platform?
• How much will migrating my business to the cloud cost in terms of time and money?
• What are the maintenance costs of using a cloud service?
• How do I prepare my business for the cloud?
• What happens if I want to take my data off a cloud service, is this difficult?

I highly recommend you attend our "Where in the World is Your Cloud" webinar where you will have access to the latest cloud developments and information that will help your business not only understand more about cloud computing but also help you understand how it can save you time and money. You will also get a chance to ask all your cloud related questions and have them answered by our cloud computing experts at BitCloud.

When is the webinar session?

Thursday the 19th of September 10.30-10:45 followed by Q&A

How do I register?

Register for our webinar using the following link:

"Where in the world is your cloud"



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