10 Myths About Instagram Marketing [Infographic]

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  • Instagram has become an inseparable part of our daily lives and it is not only a platform to share photos of our food or family but an additional platform for business owners to showcase and advertise. 
  • The Internet is full of articles that claim Instagram is dead and there is no point in using it, however, it couldn't be farther from the truth.
  • Take a look at 10 myths that exist on Instagram and keep using it to promote your business.  

​​ Instagram Myths

In the social sphere, Instagram is becoming one of the best destinations to build your brand with more than 800 million users on the platform. When you compare it with rivals like Snapchat that have only 160 million users in comparison it goes to show far ahead of the competition they are.

A large number of users represents huge business opportunities if you can take advantage of all that attention on the platform. There have been plenty of success and failure stories alike. However, if you’re not on the platform actively seeking new customers, then you’re missing out. You’re also giving up market share to your competition without putting up a fight.

Why is Instagram so big?

It’s estimated that up to 60% of well-known companies are currently marketing themselves on Instagram and over a million advertisers are promoting on there. Therefore, it’s no secret that Instagram can yield results when the right strategy is applied. You can also use all the current activity as educational examples to see what’s working for others.

However, there are rumours that too many have failed on Instagram, that it is just a casual photo sharing platform not intended for business use. People have made the case that Instagram traffic is not targeted and provides little conversions anyway.

On the other hand, we have taken a smarter approach to figuring out Instagram business marketing. In the graphic below, created by Proessaywriting, you’ll see the common myths that have mislead business owners from taking action on Instagram. These myths are based on their own failures or word of mouth from the failures of others.

The sad truth is that these myths have no substance and are typically based on inexperience and frustration. They then spread around the internet like wildfire and miss-inform others about the opportunities that are possible.

We will tackle these myths in the graphic below so that you can be confident about using the platform to grow your business. You’ll see that with a practical approach all of these myths can be overcome.

As Spencer Jordan explains:

“Instagram is one of the most cost-effective places to market your business, no amount of myths is going to change that.”

Therefore, you need to focus on the marketing opportunity instead of dwelling on the negative myths of others. 

10 Myths About Instagram Marketing [Infographic]

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