PAY IT FORWARD & BE A CONNECTOR How my business partners built 10 years of continuous work with no website or logo.

Warning: This is not rocket science. It’s one of the simplest tasks you will do today. But there is a warning - THIS ACTIVITY WILL ACTUALLY GET RESULTS, SO PROCEED AT YOUR OWN WILL.

So here it is: One of the most helpful things you could do for a friend, a colleague, or someone you’ve done business with is to introduce them to your network or even better - to specific people you think would benefit from knowing them.

It is one of the easiest and yet powerful things you can do for those you appreciate.

I told you it wasn’t rocket science. And I know you already know this. Everyone does. But let me ask you, “when have you done this recently?”

Last week? Well done, why not go do it again. Last month? Fantastic, maybe spend 10 mins today and give someone else an introduction. Never? Come on, get off your tush and give it a go. You’ll be surprised at what emerges, especially if this becomes a habit.

Now I don’t mean go to LinkedIn and hit the endorse button. I’ll tell you a little secret - I have endorsements from people who have no idea that I can do what they’ve endorsed me for. So it probably doesn’t hold that much weight. So please don’t tell anyone. this is our little secret. To make this work and have effect you need to put in a little more effort and write an email, send a text, or make a phone call.

To make it really easy for you I will script an email below. Just copy, paste and personalise. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

If you start making connections for people, 4 great things can happen.

  1. First, you will broaden the network of those you introduce. Always a good thing. And lets be clear, this is still the best marketing tactic around. Recommendations are cited as the most influential activity in making purchasing decisions for both products and services. Marketers have given this the cool title of “social proof”. And thanks to social media, ‘social proof’ has undergone a course in steroids.  
  2. Secondly, you might actually generate work for those in your network who you believe provide great products and services. It happens to me all the time. My business partners built 10 years of business solely through this activity. No website, not even a logo!
  3. Thirdly, you will feel great because you’ve done something helpful for another person that is sure to reap a real outcome at some stage in the future. Studies indicate that people feel a great sense of significance and happiness by doing something good for others.
  4. Lastly, just like a boomerang that is thrown correctly, it will return. Trust me. I’ve seen it work time and time again (unless what you provide is below average and incorrectly targeted. If thats the case, fix up your product, refocus on the right target, and then give it a shot). If you do this, people will start to regard you as a helpful person and the recommendations will flow back to you.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point calls these people Connectors. He suggests they act as conduits between people, helping create connections and relationships. And may I add, creating immense value.

Are you a connector? Do you want to become one? Maybe you can start today?

Thank you for listening



A very simple email script that you can take and personalise.


Hi <PERSON 1> and <PERSON 2>

I'd like to introduce you to each another as I feel there might be benefit in you connecting and seeing what might emerge.

<PERSON 1> works as a <enter what they do>

add in anything else you feel is important, their company name or perceived expertise or what they are trying to achieve in the particular project they are working on

You can contact them here <enter details>

<PERSON 2> works as a <enter what they do>

add in anything else you feel is important, their company name or perceived expertise or what they are trying to achieve in the particular project

You can contact them here <enter details>



Darryn Altclass

Brand & Marketing Consultant at The Learning Community

I am very lucky to work as a Brand & Marketing Strategist for a number of small businesses in Sydney - XYZ, The Learning Community and Website in a Weekend. All my work is focussed on telling the right story to the right people on the right platforms to get the right action. And I feel very blessed as I absolutely love what I do.

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Phil Joel

Phil Joel , Director at SavvySME

Awesome article Darryn. Word-of-Mouth or referrals is such a powerful tool in business. We can all learn from this.

Darryn Altclass

Darryn Altclass , Brand & Marketing Consultant at The Learning Community

Thanks Phil. Yeah I was amazed that my business partners created 10 years of work simply by being introduced to the right people. Have a great day. Darryn

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