12 Ways to Make More Sales this Christmas

  • Christmas time is the best season to sell people things and make them enjoy doing it. For the holidays, they are ready to spend money and want only the best for themselves and their loved ones.
  • But you can't just sit there and hope that your Christmas sales will skyrocket by themselves. You need to act and you need to plan upfront.
  • To help you out, we put together 12 of the most essential tips to make your Christmas sales skyrocket this holiday season.

how to make more sales on Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Where cash registers are cha-chinging and online sale hunters are click-clicking.

You’ve got an incredible product, service, course or event that you want to tell the world about. But, how do you make sure your offer is given preference over the ocean of other offers that magically appear during the festive season?

Capitalise on the buying habits of consumers at Christmas by using these 12 Magical tricks:

1. Know your people

You know your people - aka your buyers -  better than anyone else. Completing an ‘Ideal Customer Avatar Worksheet,’ from Digital Marketer, can help you to get to know your ‘ideal client.’  Be clear about WHO your target audience is, by researching their needs/wants, pain points and learn their ‘language,’ 

If you can match the language of your sales page to the language your clients speak, your sales page will become a conversation, not a sales pitch.

2. Sell them what they want

Consider what your ‘ideal client’ wants at this time of year. Do they want gift solutions, more time to get everything done before Christmas, to stress-less? Selling them what they WANT as opposed to what they NEED will win every time - particularly during the festive season. Just think about how many times you have purchased a gift for someone else or a new item for yourself when you know you have a phone bill coming up. Remind your clients to ‘splurge’ and spoil themselves or others in your sales page.

3. Know your competitors

At this time of year, there are more buyers BUT there are also more offers that you need to compete with. Knowing your point of difference will help you to communicate the value of your offer. For example, could you offer fast delivery, a Christmas bonus, or buy-one-get-one-free to set yourself apart?

4. Use a catchy headline

According to Copyblogger, 80 percent of people will read your headline but only 20 percent will read the remainder of your writing. Crazy, I know! People are time-poor at the best of times, and this is particularly true leading up to Christmas. If there’s only enough time to scan your headline, it better be good! There are countless ways to write a headline, such as including numbers, or popping your reader a question to lure them in. Don’t get too caught up with the method – choose one way and see how it goes. You can always experiment with a different headline approach down the track. 

5. Value

To make your offer IRRESISTIBLE, be sure to convey the underlying VALUE, not just the surface-level FEATURES. For example, no one ‘wants’ to spend money on insurance products (okay, maybe your Dad!), but what they do WANT is to feel protected, to feel secure, to sleep well at night. Each of these things are the VALUE of having insurance products in your life. “If you purchase this life insurance, you get XYZ inclusions at ZYZ price BUT… you also ‘get *peace of mind*.”  And THAT, my friend, is priceless! When people understand the VALUE of your offer and realise the invaluable benefit of having your product or service, the price/cost becomes irrelevant (almost!). 

6. Scarcity

Creating a sense of urgency around your offer is one of the best ways to make your browsers act fast! Let readers know that your offer is only available to the first X number of people or you only have X number of products at X price. 

7. Time restrictions

Similarly, making your offer time-restricted can help to develop a sense of urgency, which will compel them to buy, not just browse. Using a countdown to Christmas or 'til the end' of your sale period can help.

8. Upsell

Everyone loves a bargain. If you can demonstrate value-for-money and include a special bonus, people will be more inclined to purchase your main offer. A natural upsell pathway is to offer more of the same item for a discounted price. Buy one item for XYZ or 3 items for the special rate of XYZ.

9. Include 3rd party validation

Including relevant testimonials from happy past clients fosters a sense of trust. There is a perceived ‘risk’ associated with making purchases online, so sharing sincere reviews from your clients can reduce the risk and make people feel safe making a choice that others have made and loved.

10. Provide a guarantee

Nothing beats a bargain with a guarantee, especially at this time of the year. People are making impulse buying decisions and they are more inclined to click ‘BUY NOW’ if they know that you offer a moneyback guarantee or have a refund policy in place. Make sure this information is visible on your sales page.

11. Page design

Giving consideration to your page design can ensure visitors receive all of the relevant information they need to make a decision about your product/service. 

  • Include a Title and Subtitle,
  • Use large font for your Titles,
  • Use bullet points, rather than paragraphs,
  • Break the text up with images, text boxes,
  • Include a BUY NOW button, rather than a link

12. Include a call-to-action

Once people have read through your offer, it’s important that they know what you want them to do next in your sales process with your call-to-action. Do you want them to:

  • Read more information?
  • Check out a testimonial?
  • Click buy?

Be sure to be SPECIFIC and DIRECT. It’s not being pushy to ask for the sale. People are looking for direction from you. If you’re including a button, make sure the copy on the button is compelling. For example, instead of having BUY NOW you could say YES, PLEASE! or I WANT IN!     

What tactics do you use for the Christmas time? 

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