The Best Business Book You'll Read This Year

The Best Business Book You'll Read This Year

I’ve just finished reading one of the best books on business I’ve read for a long time.

Why is it so good? If I had to give you one reason it would be because it’s different than the rest. Not different - bad. Different - good. Very good in fact.

The best business book youll read this year

The book is called Rework by Fried & Hansson. Its subtitle and promise “change the way you work forever” is certainly what it offers. It really is a powerhouse filled to the brim with unconventional wisdom.

Right from page 1 Rework gets straight to the point:

“First, we’ll start by gutting business. We’ll take it down to the studs and explain why it’s time to throw out the traditional notions of what it takes to run a business. Then we’ll rebuild it. You’ll learn how to begin and why you need less than you think…”

Fried & Hansson offer a mountain of value to those who believe there’s more than one way to achieving your goals. From marketing to time management to hiring staff to product development to business planning to growth, this little masterpiece offers real world alternatives. The chapter on ‘Don’t Out-spend Out-teach’ is brilliant. Short but right on target.

But there is a warning: this book is not for everyone. It’s controversial, offbeat and the language will sometimes offend. But if you can get past that, this will be the best book for you to read this year. I guarantee it.

What I love about this book, apart from it being different to the rest, is that it is not academic. It has been shaped by real world experience. These fellows know how to start and build a great company. You can check out their company 37 Signals and read their blog.

As always with any book or advice, not everything is worth implementing. But I reckon that if you implemented just 10% of what is suggested, you will change the way you work forever.

Here’s an excerpt for you to get a feel for it;

“A lot of companies focus on the next big thing. They latch on to what’s hot and new. They follow the trends and technology. That’s a fool’s path. You start focusing on fashion instead of substance. You start paying attention to things that are constantly changing instead of things that last. The core of your business should be built around things that won’t change. Things that people are going to want today and in ten years from now. Amazon focuses on fast or free shipping, great selection, friendly return policies, and affordable prices. These things will be always in high demand.”

You can get the book here

Let me know what you think.

Darryn Altclass

Brand & Marketing Consultant at

I am very lucky to work as a Brand & Marketing Strategist for a number of small businesses in Sydney - XYZ, The Learning Community and Website in a Weekend. All my work is focussed on telling the right story to the right people on the right platforms to get the right action. And I feel very blessed as I absolutely love what I do.

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Great recommendation Darryn, I've got this book on my kindle and loved it too! Plus I used to use a lot of products by 37 Signals so it was great to read stories on how they built up their company. From the very outset I had no doubt that they knew their stuff - they products are top notch and fantastic to use.

Darryn Altclass

Darryn Altclass, Brand & Marketing Consultant at

I agree Wendy. 37 signals are a great company - and a great model for business. On another note, something went wrong with the article title? It was supposed to be just "The best business book you'll read this year." Not sure what happened there. Regards, Darryn

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