How AI Will Revolutionise Marketing Communication In 2018

How AI Will Revolutionise Marketing Communication In 2018

  • There is no consensus on how Artificial Intelligence is perceived - for some it's a threat but for some businesses, it's a boost and a tool to get more things done. 
  • Artificial Intelligence can come in handy when analyzing behavioral patterns of customers as well as in advertising and communication. 
  • AI is so sophisticated that at some point it will take over content as well, which means research, writing, and editing. 

It seems like yesterday that the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) appeared too good to be real. Most of us initially discarded the idea as vague and unrealistic. Now, a few years later, AI continues to prove us wrong. It is incredible how rapidly it is taking over the world, revolutionizing everything. But the communication aspect of our lives is posed to change by next year. And major organizations are counting on this opportunity of efficient and precise target marketing.      

It’s early to say what the future holds for AI. Though here are some ways in which AI will revolutionize marketing communication in 2018.   

1. Trend Prediction

Yes, that’s right. Organizations will be able to forecast trends in the online market using AI. As we all know, the Internet is a huge virtual world where people hang out shopping, fishing for information, communicating and all. In the process, Internet users end up leaving some personal data behind.

AI software collects and analyzes this data to learn about the user behavior and their identity on the Internet. AI is smart enough to predict a particular user’s behavior patterns, possible intentions, and actions. Fascinating, right? There are only a few organizations who are implementing this strategy. But we expect to see a boom in the number of such companies in the coming year.            

Quick Glimpse:

  • Analysis of such massive volumes of data will be a challenge for companies.
  • High investments in AI have limited the entry of new organizations so far. However, more and more companies are expected to join the revolution next year.

2. Cheap But Effective Advertising

Billions of dollars are spent yearly on advertising the products/services globally. Using AI for advertising promises to curtail the advertising cost to a promising degree. Despite huge advertising revenue, traditional and digital advertising methods employed today are not very effective. Organizations never know who their ads are impacting in real life. To overcome this major problem in marketing, companies are bent on using AI for communication with the most relevant users. Personalized Ads using AI will find their way to the intended audience with much more precision.        

Quick Glimpse:

  • AI will eliminate the need for traditional manpower driven SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is a major player in the advertising industry.
  • It will save companies tons of resources and time, coupled with laser targeting the consumer segment.  

3. Precise Analysis of Consumer Interests Using Image Recognition

Finding out the interests of a consumer is crucial in marketing. It helps in picking out the type of ads that will intrigue a particular user. This is the reason why companies are investing their resources and time in image/video recognition. It allows them to know what a user likes by monitoring what he/she posts or likes on the social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. All major organizations have been monitoring text media on sites like Twitter for years. But the growing popularity of images and videos over text has made the practice obsolete.

The image recognition technology is being adopted by new organizations every day. Still, in its early stages, it shows promising signs for the future of marketing.      

Quick Glimpse:

  • Image Recognition will revolutionize the searching process over the Internet.
  • It will give marketers specific details about a particular user’s interests.

4. AI-Driven Content

The concept of machine-driven content seems like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. But be prepared to be surprised. It is about to get real. Major companies are putting efforts into developing an AI system that will create content for humans. AI will do all the tedious and time-consuming research, content creation and editing.

The human potential in data handling is narrowed by their limited ability to process data. On the contrary, these machines have infinite potential, which is a game-changer for content creators. Considering a large amount of data flow, AI can create a better content in a less amount of time and at cheaper costs.   

Quick Glimpse:

  • Content created using AI will be cheaper and better.
  • Content flow will be unlimited.

5. Machine Driven Customer Communication

Communication between a brand and its audience is essential for better marketing. This is the reason why organizations are constantly working on overcoming any barriers interrupting this communication. The growing usage of chatbots and voice-to-text communication has undoubtedly improved the communication between the two parties. But taking this revolution to the next levels demands some dedication. This is why companies are always competing with each other to come up with new ways to connect with their customers.

For example, Microsoft is already working on developing a multi-sensory communication system. This system allows the users to use all of their senses, i.e., sight, sound, gesture to communicate with Microsoft.

This new technique is expected to improve the brand-consumer communication. It will precisely align the businesses with the requirements of the customers. It focuses on the content of the conversation that a consumer seek at a particular time and in a particular quantity.

Quick Glimpse:

  • Usage of chatbots and voice-to-text communication has been a game changer.
  • Microsoft’s upcoming communication system will revolutionize the industry. It encourages a user to use all of their senses to communicate with the brand.

These are the ways in which AI is expected to change the marketing communication. Although AI is still in its early days, it will give the marketing industry some miracles to marvel at in 2018. There will be challenges along the way. For example, collection and processing of the immense amount of user data will be much to deal with. But so far, the motivation behind the better future of marketing is way greater than any challenges.

Anthony Bergs

Project Manager at Writers Per Hour

Anthony Bergs is a project manager at Writers Per Hour. He always keeps an eye on the marketing sector to implement the best innovations in the strategies that he builds. He’s always open for new connections and partnerships.