Someone Said Old School Marketing Is No Good? Total Lie

Someone Said Old School Marketing Is No Good? Total Lie
  • ​​Newest trends in marketing have taken over the old school and experts often give up the outdated and obsolete marketing methods, trying to concentrate on up-to-date marketing toolboxes.These approaches, though often effective, are not enough.
  • Balancing the old and the new is what a company needs to grow. Proven old tools will help to reach people in tried ways, which in its turn, can create a strong position of your product or service in their minds.This is mainly because traditional tools can be effective in building trust and guaranteeing healthy relationships between a business and a consumer.
  • To get started with retrieving old-school methods just pay attention to a few of the useful tools such as flyer handouts, coupon mailers, business cards and few others discussed below. 

Whether you have a big company, a successful high-revenue start-up or just a local family-owned business, you need tested and proven marketing tactics that will bring in sales and good reputation to your business. What this means is that in your well-planned marketing strategy, you need to consider including each and every method, regardless of its date of origin. Certain sales techniques might initially seem outdated to you, however, they should not be forgotten in any case because they are equally, if not more, effective in increasing sales.

Most successful people understand how important it is to have a detailed marketing plan that doesn’t leave any possible step behind. Then there are those who rely heavily on the “latest and greatest” tactics such as SEO, focusing on content marketing, and social media – which isn’t negative or wrong at all – however, lately more and more people are coming to the conclusion that the perfect balance between the “old and the new” generates the highest-level results for their company.

You see, at first, it’s easy to concentrate on the newest marketing strategies because it’s all we see day after day in statistics and experts’ opinions and advice. For instance, latest research conducted by HubSpot states that “61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.” Additionally, research done by Google shows that “more than half (51%) of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphones.”
So the more you review these, the more likely you are to lean towards the latest trends. But as we stated before, being focused on the newest only might have you overlooking some old-school, simpler, proven tactics that are easily available and can bring you revenue faster. “People advised  on the online marketing only, and keep the mobile content in mind the most as smartphone searches matter the most,” says Annie Wagner, a developer at the told us to concentrate-school marketing techniques we used, in a combination of some new ones is what got us ahead in our online business”.. “However, I can safely say some of the -school marketing techniques we used, in a combination of some new ones is what got us ahead in our online business”.

Having all this information in mind, here are some tested sales-increasing marketing tactics you should include in your marketing strategy.

Flyer Handouts

A decade or two ago, flyers were handed out as the best source of information and a constant reminder for the target audience of a certain service or a product. Namely, a well-designed, concise and to-the-point flyer can pass the right information to the people you can find. Simply search for a location that has large traffic (parking areas, shopping malls, parks etc.), and at the right time of the day start giving out your printed materials.

You might think this entire process costs money (and time and some nerve) but as a business person, we remind you that in order to gain something more, you need to give (do) something more, something you haven’t done before. So dedicate yourself to this process because it’s one that truly pays off at the end.

Note that well-designed flyers should be your priority, but also pay attention to the message they deliver to your potential clients. If it falls flat, you will lose the interest of the people that you gained through the great design. In order to make sure you have done everything to gain more customers, follow these simple writing methods:

  • Use a catchy headline – put a great deal of thought into this part because it is supposed to catch the person’s attention immediately if you want them to read the entire flyer afterward. After reading it, the consumer should have gotten (more or less) the idea of what you do.
  • Keep it short – Flyers are not meant to hold the entire history of your company, but a short brief in order to give potential clients a clue that you exist and can provide certain services or products for them.
  • List reasons – Why should people choose you over your competition? How are your products/ services exceeding the quality of some other similar products/ services? Make sure to add this important part if you want people to make the distinction between your company and the other ones in your line of work.
  • Highlight special deals and offers – If you want customers to take advantage of your monthly or weekly sales and offers you need to let them know they are active. Use your flyers wisely and present these special deals to the public by using relevant information.
  • Use active voice – Flyers are the excellent Call to Action spots. Use active voice and encourage people to call, message, and log into your website or any other way of contacting you. Transfer a friendly, inviting vibe to your flyers that will show them you want to be contacted anytime.
  • Organize your contact info wisely – Placing your website, your contact number and/ or address on the top or at the second page isn’t proven to yield great success. On the other hand, using the bottom of the flyer – the footer – to display your contact info ensures that it stays in the readers’ mind and they’re more likely to remember to contact you.
  • Proofreading is a must – Who would want to do business or use services with people that cannot even spell their promo material right? Avoid being the target to joke by going through your written text twice or three times before heading out to the print shop. If you’re in charge of a larger amount of promo materials consider hiring professional help that can aid in this.

Coupon Mailers Marketing

Being present everywhere is a must when trying to expand locally. This applies to some of the most old-school and basic spots you wouldn’t even think of, but are equally important, such as having your ads in local coupon mailers. True, these mailers are full of companies and products and services but why not jump on the local mailing bandwagon and mention your company too? There are plenty of varieties to customize your ad and make it stick out from your competition, so rejecting these as an option might be your loss at the end.

Promotional Giveaways

A step further into the handouts, something more effective than giving out flyers has proven to be the giveaway of promotional products. People love free things they can use in their everyday life. A simple, practical bag or a t-shirt, maybe even some gadget that represents your line of work imprinted with the name of your brand, the logo, and some short info will serve as a constant reminder that your company is there providing what they need. This tactic does require a larger investment at first, but if you have the funds you might as well go for it. It will create a positive return on investment definitely.

Business Cards

Business cards serve great as promo material because they are small, compact and full of basic information that helps people get in touch with you when they need you the most. Another upside of these is that nowadays they are cheap to print, so you can afford to have them distributed locally. Use the bulletin boards at local stores and supermarkets to pin your business cards, drop some off at local businesses around you and never forget to leave one behind when you personally meet some of your potential clients, or even if they are a client already – business cards serve as referral and a constant reminder of your company.

Old-school Direct Mailing

Don’t overlook the postal office and their services in promoting your business and expanding it locally. In your line of work, this might be just the thing you need to reach larger masses of people and boost sales.

Stats and research also favor this old-school approach as they show that more than 100 million US citizens above 21 make at least one catalog purchase in a year. This truly proves that direct mailing isn’t forgotten, on the contrary, it’s making a comeback so you should be smart about it and take advantage of it. Don’t forget to include a customized sales letter to each home you’re sending your brochure/catalog to because people feel more closely attached to something that has their name on it.

Vehicle Ads

Marketing your company onto your sales or delivery vehicles or public transportation in the city is a wise investment for your local marketing strategy, one that pays off in the long term. As these vehicles that circulate in the cities and nearby areas daily, you get a chance of promotion that will stick in people’s minds for sure. If this is an investment you cannot afford in the beginning, start with simple stickers that display contact information. These are very cheap to produce, yet really effective. Further along the path, opt for eye-catching full vehicle wraps that are also a fantastic way to get ahead of your competition.

Telephone Calls

In the era of the internet, everything has become much impersonalized and people aren’t able to connect and build trust as before. Emailing, texting, and social media are all great methods but have contributed to the fact that people cannot create long-lasting and mutual trust with companies as before. This is why good old phone calling is a refreshing change of pace that might be just the thing you need to get ahead of all the media clutter.

Bottom line is that in a world dominated by social media and online content ads, tried and proven marketing methods are a welcomed change and they should not be forgotten in any case. Especially not by start-ups and small local business who are trying to make their way ahead of the competition.

Tom Jager

Tom Jager is a professional blogger based in London. He covers topics related to digital marketing, blogging, social media and business in general. He is always seeking to discover new ways for professional and personal growth.

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I agree with Tom we need balancing the old and the new for the best result.