New Business Ideas: Be careful who you ask

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Whenever you have a new idea that you’re looking to implement in your business (or an idea for a new start up business), it’s only natural that you’ll be looking for validation, support, and opinion from your family and closest friends.  Getting sound advice is, of course, wise before making any financial or emotional investment into a new business venture.

New business ideasBut be careful who you ask about your new business idea.

Here's why: Although your nearest and dearest will care about you, not all of them will have the same level of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit or excitement for trying something new. That’s not at all to say that they’re any less intelligent or important; what drives them and their needs for security, routine, or comfort might just be a little different.

Where to go to sound out your business idea

When you’re sounding out new business ideas, try this approach:

1. Ask your ‘dream team’ – choose three members of your friendship circle who display the attributes of someone who might support a valid business idea.  My guess is that you’ll already know who these people are.

2. Enlist the advice of a business mentor – your mentor doesn’t have to be someone you pay for. It can be someone you trust, who is in business already and maybe even someone you look up to. A good mentor will encourage and support you and hopefully offer some on tackling the challenges that might arise in your new business idea.

Why is this so important to ask the right people? We’re humans. We’re built to feed off approval, in some shape or form. Go and tell three people about your business idea and it's likely that just one negative response will cause you to question how good your idea is. It’s important to say here that their response might be completely valid and based on practical reasoning – but there’s always an answer.  There’s always some way of getting what it is you need to bring your new business idea to life. No-one needs to be surrounded by naysayers.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way in business

If it’s money you need, there are lenders, venture capitalists, and investors all waiting for the right opportunity to come along. If it’s expertise you need, you’ll find that you can hire just about any contractor through the wonderful power of the internet.

Do you have your dream team sorted? Are you easily deterred by negative naysayers? Leave your comments below!

Fosca Pacitto

Marketing and Content Specialist at Fosca Pacitto

Although a genius wordsmith, my true passion lies in helping people get closer to owning the business of their dreams - through mindset mentoring, strategy services and awesome content that reflects their true personality. I'm also innately excited about anything to do with business and celebrating the talents of women, that's why I recently took over as the Sydney Branch Director for Business in Heels - a networking group for fabulous female business owners.

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Sometimes I think sharing ideas can be just as dangerous to yourself not only for the reasons above, but I feel that there is a natural feeling of "accomplishment" that comes with having your idea validated and some people are so satisfied with that they never go on to actually execute. That's why we have so many great ideas but hardly any of them get executed, and then even less do well. Some people just love getting the pat on the back for having the idea as opposed to creating the idea :) I know I do at times, ;)!

Fosca Pacitto

Fosca Pacitto, Marketing and Content Specialist at Fosca Pacitto

Hi Wendy - great comment! Yes I completely agree. There's a famous saying: "the difference between success and failure is execution" That's all. It's the doing part. For some people, dreaming and getting that validation is enough. I guess the world would be a very different place if we all acted on our ideas!