This Success Formula Will Help You Be More Productive

This Success Formula Will Help You Be More Productive
  • Working means guiding all your resources and efforts into producing great results. Especially if you are a business owner.
  • Why is it that some people can manage to do and achieve multiple things within a day, yet others might be stuck on one single task for days without being able to move forward?
  • You routine and mindset towards being productive and achieving goals is what will help you get ahead of everything and everyone.

Being busy has become the new status symbol and ‘not having time for anything’ the new black.

However, how is it possible that some people consistently excel in whatever they do, take on multiple volunteer roles outside their already full on senior position whilst training for long distance competitions, learning a new language and teach their kids how to ride a bike?

We all have 24h in a day, 365 days in a year, technology pretty much provides everyone the same access to resources and information. So what is the difference between those who work harder and harder, hustling and grinding and still don’t get ahead whilst others seem to float through life whilst excelling?

The difference is how they manage their energy, not their time.

Fact is, we all have 3 currencies to invest – money, time and energy.

However, most people also get them wrong – which is due to a lack of awareness and focus.

What Is the Value of Your Resources

Money – whilst it is the most abundant asset we have – money is everywhere and constantly gets reprinted – most people tend to think of it to be the scarcest asset and hold on to it. They change actions to save it – often to the expense of time or energy because it’s our mindset that holds onto this belief that we can lose it which creates scarcity.

However, what happens when we don’t want to invest money? We just put more time in – may it be to figure out something on our own which bothers us and we want to change. Most often that leads to procrastination when we don’t know where to start and what we actually need to do. And this is where anxiety comes from.

The really important asset that most people misunderstand, though, is energy. It is very finite and only limited every day.

It is a sensitive currency that can be knocked off by external events that we can’t control but are exposed to all the time – personally and professionally. Redundancies, sickness, accidents, unforeseen circumstances – they all cause disruption, and if we are not in balance with our energy, the simplest tasks – no matter how much time and money we have – can’t be executed.

Suffering stress or burnout means we are misallocating our energy and investing too much of it and not enough leverage to actually get results.

Stress lets negative thoughts and doubts creep in, which takes energy off us to combat those thoughts. But if you don’t have the energy to do so, then stress gets the better of you and you feel burnt-out, face a lack of passion and interest for anything.

The hustling and grinding mentality, doing 5 jobs at once and rest later only leads to depleting this energy as quickly as possible. However, the real magic happens when we can conserve this energy and have it available over time because success comes from being consistent and persistent in our actions.

The reason why these days so many feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and burnt-out is the constant overload of stimuli and not being prepared for disruption – everything is reactive and usually on other people’s terms. Not feeling in control is when we get anxious, concerns, and fears take over, people get sick and depressed.

But it doesn’t have to be like that!

How to Change Towards Success and Productivity

Simply changing one thing can make all the difference – and that is having a new and positive morning routine that sets us up for a successful day. In fact, it has been proven that morning types are actually more likely to report higher levels of a positive affect and are healthier compared to non-morning types.

I have been a vivid advocate for 3.45am starts for years and often get a strange look when I share my routine with others.

However, a morning routine sets the tone for the whole day, and if you do each day right, you’ll do life right.

That’s why the first thing I do with my clients who are ready to excel in life and get ahead by taking control over their own destiny is to change their morning routine.

Consistency is the only way to get results and creating a routine that nurtures doing the right actions over and over again right from the start is what keeps people on track. It helps to feel being in control and organised, which reduces anxiety and stress.

To get the most out of this most precious time, here is my morning routine which gets me hopping out of bed, excited for what’s ahead and into the right mindset to succeed for the rest of the day.

Important to note – this set morning routine is a non-negotiable and prepared the day before because when you know exactly what to do, there is no second guessing and procrastinating.

  • 3.45am wake up (and meditate for 10min),
  • 3.55am start podcast or audio book whilst brushing teeth, followed by rinsing mouth with sesame oil and drinking a glass of luke-warm lime water to get hydrated,
  • 4am pre-workout, walking with listening to podcasts and making notes of at least 2-3 take outs in my notes app on my iPhone,
  • 5am gym with strengths training and heavy weights – exercising in the morning is proven to preparing the brain for optimal learning because it is strongly correlated with increased brain mass, improved cognition, and new brain cell production,
  • 6.15am shower and get ready still whilst listening to podcasts or YouTube videos; get properly dressed even when I am working from home as it makes me feel better and gets me in the mindset of producing rather than relaxing),
  • 6.30am reading my morning formula (which includes my vision, my purpose and my affirmations), listening to my favorite song and having breakfast (high protein and fat) + long black,
  • 7am creative time where I focus on doing the important and meaningful tasks that require concentration and self-control. Why? Because we are limited with it and it gets depleted over time, which is why I leave routine tasks that don’t require much brain and will power like emails, phone calls, interviews for the afternoon

How Do You Get Started With a New Routine?

You Have to Want It!

You can have the best strategies and intentions, if you are not obsessed with wanting it, you won’t be able to succeed (whatever that might be).

Start by shifting your mindset and embrace being selfish in your morning routine and make time for yourself. This is the time you spend improving yourself and get energy from. You can’t pour from an empty cup – so invest in yourself to recharge means you can give your very best to others for the rest of the day.

The advantage of waking up before everyone else is that you will find you are free of distractions and can be present with your own thoughts.

  • Put your gym clothes out so you don’t have to look for them in the morning,
  • Get your audiobooks or podcasts ready so you are excited for them, and
  • Know already what type of workout you will do.

All of that reduces the amount of decisions you need to make so you can focus on just doing them.

Get clear on your why, your purpose and your mission to keep you on track for when things go pear shaped. Write it down and read it every morning to manifest it into your brain.

Our thoughts determine our actions and our actions deliver results. So take control over your thoughts and you will take control over your life.

Petra Zink

Director at The Trustee for impaCCCt Trust

I'm passionate about helping ambitious people to future-proof themselves by building a strong and confident Personal Brand. Being aware of our strengths, what we love doing and what we are best at so we can add value to others and can communicate it clearly is the only way to stand out for the right reasons and stay relevant in this every changing world.