Innovation is Brewing for Marketers Focused on Alexa, Cortana, or Siri

Innovation is Brewing for Marketers Focused on Alexa, Cortana, or Siri

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  • Voice-controlled intelligent agents. How helpful are they?.
  • Finding out the interests of voice tech users.
  • Marketers: going beyond the technology of voice-controlled devices.

Those in a fluid industry should keep an eye on marketing, which continues to evolve.

Every media leap introduces marketers to a new way of communicating with customers that creates a new marketing language. This happened with television, newspapers, magazines, mobile, and now social media. The marketing world, much like before, is getting ready for the next revolution in the industry with the introduction of voice-controlled intelligent agents and interface.

Understanding Various Platforms

Marketers need to understand that communicating with customers through voice-controlled intelligent agents and devices requires a deep understanding of each device. At the moment, there are only a handful of devices and interfaces controlling the industry like Amazon Alexa or Apple's Siri. Each of these has a particular goal, and it is the marketers' job to understand that.

For example, Amazon is creating a voice-command interface focused on customers. This means marketers need to show ads that are linked to Amazon one way or another. One thing marketers can do is build ads that will complement the Amazon products people are using.

The same thing goes for other voice-intelligent agents like Google's agent, which is more interested in expanding its omnisearch capabilities using voice commands. This means marketers have a big playing field as long as they figure out what users want.

Study These New Customers

This may not be explicitly discussed, but those interested in getting a master of marketing will need to do some detective work, especially if you want to figure out what voice tech users are looking for. There aren't many clues available to interpret this new group of customers, but there is some data that can be used. For example, a study shows that a little more than 70 percent of voice-search users are not really buying much using this kind of software.

It should also be noted that approximately 30 percent of users do their everyday online queries through this technology, yet the industry is booming as voice-driven devices soar in popularity. This means Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and all the other big players out there haven't figured out their customers. Young and innovative marketers are in high demand because all of these companies are hoping to figure out what might work.

Marketers may have to create ads that work well with texts and voice. Users may want to hear a little bit more about the product or service through their chosen device, so descriptive snippets may be vital. Still, this world is open to interpretation, and daring marketers should use that to their advantage.

Growth of the Voice-Driven World

The technology behind some of these devices is quite new, and its reach is relatively limited but it is growing. Marketers can go beyond voice-search or using ads linked to a particular site like Amazon; for one, there are smart appliances that can be linked to this technology. Marketing with the data provided by the appliances in a person's home can help create more specific ads like promoting AC services if the appliance is malfunctioning.

It should be noted that this technology is on the brink of becoming bigger. At the moment, there are several voice-drives manufacturers integrating their interface to wearables. These devices can go with a person anywhere and help give marketers even more opportunities to catch a user's attention. An interesting function that voice-driven tech may be able to do is link to existing software like geomapping, which makes it easier for people to find businesses.

Technology in its infancy gives marketers an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Sure, there is some information on how customers are interacting with this new technology, but there is a lot of wiggle room for marketers willing to jump into this exciting world.

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