Why You Should Use Guerrilla Marketing (And How to Do It)

Why You Should Use Guerrilla Marketing (And How to Do It)
  • Are you on a budget thinking about great marketing techniques? Guerrilla marketing is aimed to increase the visibility of your brand without spending extra money on it. 
  • What are the perks of this marketing type? What's so unique about it?
  • Let's discuss some important points for your guerrilla marketing strategy to be highly engaging and inspiring.

Guerrilla marketing is a unique branch of marketing that doesn’t require huge financial investments like a conventional advertising campaign or significant time investments like an ongoing marketing strategy. The main goal of this marketing is to increase the visibility of a brand through a creative public stunt that takes viewers by surprise and impresses them.

Naturally, achieving this purpose requires superb creativity, energy, and the ability to produce advertising that connects with the viewers on a more memorable and personal level. When done properly, guerrilla marketing can create social buzz, make a great impression, and raise or increase awareness of the brand.

Here’s a great example of guerrilla marketing.

Why You Should Use Guerrilla Marketing (And How to Do It) hu


Image Source: Creative Pool

In this incredibly creative piece of advertising, bowling pins play a role of teeth supported by dental implants. Knocking down pins in this case implies that the implant can come off in various circumstances, so it’s better to insure them. It’s very easy to understand and relate to, plus it can give any viewer a good laugh.

Indeed, this advertising is well-designed and beautifully illustrates what guerrilla marketing is all about. Now, let’s see the benefits of such marketing:

It can be cheaper. Advertising in a bowling club is cheaper than on television or press. Depending on the location of the advertising, it can be even cheaper than online advertising. This makes it great for startups and brands with a limited marketing budget.

It can be more memorable. Creativity is what guerrilla marketing is all about. Traditional advertising can be pretty boring, but seeing something like the ad above would definitely be more memorable because it’s funnier and much more creative.

It can create free publicity. People who see ads like the one above tend to take photos of them and share them on social media. Such free advertising is awesome for brands because customers trust user-generated content much more than conventional advertising. So, your brand can go viral without a significant involvement on your part.

It can help to connect with customers on a whole new level. Guerrilla marketing speaks on a more personal level because it provokes thoughts and doesn’t require you to create complex texts such as a professional essay, as opposed to conventional advertising that is associated with ‘salesy’ slogans.

So if your current marketing strategy isn’t getting the traction you need, you can add it with guerrilla methods. Below, you’ll find some of the high-performing ones.

Tips for Successful Guerrilla Marketing

In order for your guerrilla marketing strategy to be highly engaging and inspiring, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • It must be entertaining and fun for everyone
  • It must be social
  • It must be doable

The dental implant insurance is again a great example that meets all three requirements. It’s fun, can be shared on social media, and it obviously easy to participate in. Naturally, the biggest benefit is the potential for your stunt to go viral on social media. While getting some exposure among locals is good, even a couple of shares can expose the content to a lot more people.

Here are more tips to enhance your guerrilla marketing effort.

1. Go Offline

Marketing online is certainly a good idea, but it doesn’t mean that you have to focus all your efforts on promoting your business on the Internet. Offline advertising can be just as enticing and fun, and the ad of dental insurance serves as a great example of that.

Being creative is critical here, and you have much more creative liberty than with traditional advertising because you’re not limited in terms of words you use or visual space.

For example, check out the idea of Gold Toe. The company has manufactured one of the largest underwear and placed it on the famous statue of Charging Bull in Chicago. The result of this incredible stunt? Thousands of selfies shared on social media and press coverage.

2. Open a Pop Up Shop

Pop up shops aren’t popular as they used to be but they are still one of the most effective low-cost guerrilla marketing tactics. They are those small temporary stores that the owner can easily set up and take down.

By setting a physical store, you’re bringing yourself closer to the customers and can communicate with them directly about the benefits of your products. But don’t forget to ensure that the location of your pop up shop is appropriate and has a lot of people coming by.

3. Create a Social Challenge

Remember how everyone went crazy for that ice bucket challenge several years ago? It seemed like everyone tried it because the ones that engaged first challenged their friends and even world leaders.

You can also create a social challenge of your own. It doesn’t have to be spectacular and requires special equipment to complete, but it should be fun and easy to do.

4. Make Your Stunt Memorable

The best way to ensure that is to surprise anyone who sees your stunt. An element of surprise is something that shocks (like the underwear on the Bull) or delights the viewers, but should leave them with a positive lasting impression of your business.

A project by Folger’s Coffee is a great example of a memorable stunt. They printed stickers that transformed typical New York City’s manholes into brewed cups of coffee.

This project made a lot of New Yorkers pleasantly surprised when they saw these stickers. People took a lot of photos of them and shared them on social media, thus increasing the awareness of the brand. Moreover, it’s safe to assume that they thought of Folger’s when they saw a steaming manhole, so the goal of making a memorable advertising was achieved.


The limit with guerrilla marketing is only your creativity, so let your imagination be your guide. The bottom line that this kind of marketing can be effective if executed in the right way. To get unique rewards, a brand must be the one that stands out and shows incredible creativity.

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