Five Reasons to Buy Wall Art from Local And Independent Artists

Five Reasons to Buy Wall Art from Local And Independent Artists

  • What are your benefits of buying wall arts from local artists and what are theirs? 
  • How important are the personal connections with the artist? 
  • Why think local? Why does everybody benefit from my local purchase? 

1. Helps Support & Create Community

The Internet has changed not only the way we shop for wall art, but also the way an artist can sell and promote their art.
So even if you're living in another country from where the art is created, it is now possible to view it & have it delivered to your door. You can be 12,000 miles away & still be supporting a local & independent artist. This not only helps the area the artist is residing in, it also benefits the online community the artist is connected to.
Your purchase obviously injects funds into the artists pocket, this allows them to keep creating, as well as the artists themselves to inject money back into the local area.
Plus your purchase isn't an anonymous sale, every independent artist is always grateful & over the moon when somebody chooses their work. So you may be excited to let your Facebook friends or other social media connections see your recent purchase. This can have a great knock-on effect for the artist to gain more visibility & online momentum.


2. You're Getting Something Unique

There are many outlets that sell wall art, cheaper discount stores, more upmarket department stores, certain Swedish home depot stores! This kind of wall art has its place for sure, but it's also a bit generic as well as mass-produced a lot of the time. Then there's the other extreme of super expensive art. You'll be getting a one-off piece or a limited edition, but it costs.
Whereas most local artists aren't charging exuberant prices, they're covering their time & equipment needed to produce it & are trying to make a living, however.
A local artist normally can't compete for price wise with the large outlets, but why would they? They're selling an individual piece of wall art, not something produced in a factory in Asia somewhere.
So you can hang your recent purchase on your wall with a sense of satisfaction. Plus it creates a great conversation piece, people are going to notice it more than shop bought wall art.


3. It's More Personal

Whether you're buying wall art online or at a market or gallery, it's a more personal experience from an independent artist.
Unlike the department stores or larger online suppliers where the wall art is somewhat faceless. You'll generally get to meet the artist if it's in your local area, but even if you're buying online, the artist will have some sort of profile where you can see who created the artwork. Plus you can connect via social media & personal messaging & become involved that way.
Isn't it nicer to have art on your walls when there's a connection to the artist who created it?

4. The Environment

OK, I'm really not trying to jump on the "Save the Planet" bandwagon here, but I do believe anything bought locally has got to be better for Mother Earth.
Obviously, if you buy from the area you live in it's saving transportation & the effects that go with it. But what if you've purchased a piece of wall art from a local artist & had it shipped out to you in another country? It's still better than contributing to a factory somewhere that churns out hundreds of the same item & the waste that goes along with it.
Also when you own a unique piece of wall art, you're way less likely to put it out on verge collection day for it to add to our landfill woes.

5. A Gift With Meaning

Wall art makes a really fantastic gift actually. Whether it's for a wedding, housewarming, birthday, Christmas, the list goes on. Especially if the recipient has a special connection to the subject matter of the art.
Wall art will also remain unique & hold more personal meaning than say a toaster or a kettle (even if they are practical!). I know from personal experience, as my parents had wall art that they hung onto for decades as it held memories for them.

So next time you're thinking of buying a piece of wall art, think local.
Everybody benefits.

David Wilkins

Owner at David Wilkins Photography

I'm a photographer living in Perth, Western Australia. My style of photography would be called fine art, but I photograph anything that grabs my eye. My work is available on various mediums : prints, canvas, framed prints & canvas, acrylic & metal. Available Australia & Worldwide through my website : or you can contact me directly if you have any questions or requirements.