Managing Customer Support For Your Early Stage Startup

Managing Customer Support For Your Early Stage Startup
  • Customer support is one of the most important departments. It should run right, and no other way around it - there's no middle point. 
  • Can a single tool help us run our department successfully? Let's look for an integrated solution instead - Kayako for example. 
  • The power of excellent customer service: Have you ever thought about asking something in exchange from your customers? 

If you want to cause a positive impact, then you need to manage your customer support department right. There is no other way around it, because you do it either right or wrong, no middle point. Therefore, it is important to manage it properly, and in this article, you are going to learn how.

It can set you apart from your competition and allow you to cultivate a loyal following that will support you in growing your business. This is exactly what you need in the early stages of your startup, so, let’s see what you can do.

Don’t Look For a Tool, Look For an Integrated Solution

It is a misconception to think of customer service as a one-facet thing, when in fact, it is multi-faceted. Therefore, using a tool to manage it all is ineffective. You need an integrated solution that considers all of these facts of modern customer support.

Ideally, you want something that includes different support channels (social media, live chat, inbox, self-service portal, etc.) and that allows you to track all the data, so you can analyze it. You need an all-in-one and data-driven solution. Sounds like a unicorn, right? Well, think again, because it exists due to the needs of modern business.

Not only one, but different options are at your total disposal, however, like everything else in this world, some are better than others, and in this case, Kayako is the answer. Why? Because it is easy to use, data-driven comes with tons of integrations and is fully adaptable to the needs of your startup.

Therefore, if you want to manage customer support the right way, then start off with the right foot and select a solid integrated solution that takes care of everything that customer service covers.


Be Fast

People are more impatient than ever before, and instead of complaining about it, you need to just embrace the reality and deliver what it demands: fast responses, very fast.

Your job is to make customers feel satisfied, and if answering fast to their issues can do that, then do that. As simple as that.

However, a warning here: don’t reply just for the sake of replying. You must be fast, yes, but your messages need to deliver exactly what the customer is looking for. Be fast and go straight to the point to solve the problem as soon as possible. That will pay off, big time.


Personalization Pays Off

Again, another reason to have an excellent customer support software, because if you want to make interactions more personal, then you need to go for personalization.

People want to feel important and not just like another number in a long list. You must make them feel that way to strengthen the bonds that unite them with your brand. This is where success resides at, you need to make them feel good, better than what your competition could ever offer. That is why you must personalize every single interaction when bringing customer service.

It is hard to do if you rely on only one tool that doesn’t track anything at all, but when your software lets you know everything about the customer in an instant fashion, then everything becomes much easier, and of course, the results will be wonderful.


Ask For Something in Exchange

When you bring a stellar-quality customer service, and your customers are happy, you can ask for something in exchange, because they will be in the mood to do so. It can be a review on one of your social media profile, a review about one of your products or services, subscribing to your email list or YouTube channel, completing a small survey to evaluate your customer service, etc.

Use the power of excellent customer service to make your startup grow and prevail in time.


Bottom Line:

Customer support is one of the things that will make your startup successful. You have an excellent product/service, your marketing campaign is rocking, so don’t forget about bringing an amazing customer service, because it will pay off: customers will love you, they will be loyal fans and they will refer your brand to others, and remember, word of mouth is powerful.

Noman Aqil

Marketing Manager at Kayako

Noman Aqil is a Marketing Manager at Kayako, the effortless customer service software that helps teams be more productive and build customer loyalty.