7 Mistakes That Can Sink Your App Startup and How to Prevent Them

7 Mistakes That Can Sink Your App Startup and How to Prevent Them
  • Among the millions of mobile apps offered worldwide let's see how we can make ours an outstanding one. 
  • How important is it to test your app on your own? What kind of negative factors can you expect?
  • Others are earning a lot of money even if their app is free. How? 

With the Apple App Store having 2.2 Million Apps and Play Store having their share of 3.1 Million Apps, one thing is clear - Mobile App industry is flourishing like never before.

Being an industry that has grown to become an integral part of the world’s every day, the demand for the mobile apps are on a growth chart that is only going up.

And this is the reason why more and more businesses are investing thousands of dollars behind the development of mobile apps to reach the world’s fingertips.

When done right, Mobile Apps can help create a fortune for your business, but when done wrong, your business will be lost in the sea of million others.

So how do you ensure that you develop an app that the world uses and loves? Answer - by not committing these mistakes -  

1. Basing Your App to a Provide a Solution that Isn’t a Problem for the Masses

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is developing an app around an issue which is either a short-lived one or is not even an issue in the first place.

Suppose there’s a water crisis in some area and you decide to make an app where you are informing users of the localities where water is present. Now, what will happen of your app engagement when the problem gets resolved?

The Solution: While it’s good to be a pioneer of an industry, but in case of something long-term and investment based like the Mobile app, take your time in understanding the market. Look at other companies who are solving the issue that you have found and look how people are engaging with them.   

2. Not Being on the Platform Where the Users Are

Another crucial mistake that businesses make is not knowing which platform to develop their apps for, which results from not knowing which platform their users are active on. The worst thing that can happen to your app is that you might launch it for Android when the majority of your app users are on iPhone.

This can severely affect all your development and marketing time, cost, and efforts.

The Solution: The ideal solution is to study your market. While both Android and iPhone smartphones come with their concentrated buyer segment that can be divided geographically, do not rely on the information and do a in-depth research yourself. The other solution would be to develop a cross-platform app that would operate on both Apple and Android phones.

3. Testing Your App Yourself

Thinking that your team’s evaluation of the app is enough to launch it in the app stores is the next big mistake that you can make as a business. Never rely on just your team’s eyes to evaluate if your app will survive the test of time.

The Solution: Appoint a team compromising of prospect users and QA to analyze whether or not the app is ready to be launched on the market. Involving prospective buyers in the cycle would ensure that the app flow is right for moving to the next stage.

4. Thinking You Can Develop Your Own App

There are a number of businesses that in order to save time and costing effort that goes behind the development of a mobile app, start looking at the various options that are available all across the internet giving tools for developing mobile apps. There are a number of negative factors attached with opting for this decision -

A. Loss of brand identity - there is a fair chance that your app will end up looking like Company D’s app.

B. Lack of Stability - While it would help you as you start your app journey, the option to scale your app features will diminish to none.

The Solution: Never rely on the online tools. Always invest in a mobile app development company that understands the nuances of the app development methods. In case cost is your pain point, go with the development of MVP first and then scale your app across a period of time.

5. Not Paying Attention to the Demographic Your App Would Function in

A very common mistake that businesses make is assuming that their apps would function only in the US. With this assumption businesses end up with an app that becomes the US specifically. What these businesses forget that there will be app elements - words, images etc - which might be a US citizen’s layman language, won’t be taken well by someone in the UAE or developing countries like India.

The Solution: Ensure that your app is localized. In case your app is to be launched in multiple geographical locations, have area wise screens.   

6. Reusing the App Code to Fasten the Development Cycle

White Label Apps is the term that is used to coin the concept where a structure (code in case of the mobile app) is used to develop multiple mobile apps. It comes as an ideal solution for businesses looking for a quick time to launch and low-cost effort.

But, there are some major issues attached to investing in a White Label App Solution besides the obvious resemblance that your app with at least 50 other apps on the market. And one of those crucial issues is security. Because the ownership of the app’s source code lies with the parent company, you have no control over where the user data is being used.

The Solution: Go with Native App Development and once the project ends, take the complete ownership of all the source codes.

7. Having Incorrect or No Monetization Plan

The last mistake that businesses make is the one that has a direct impact on their business revenue - Not having a monetization in place.

You need to understand that even the free apps in the store are not free. They are making money one way or the other and so should you.

The next mistake on this front is to implement a monetization strategy that is not in sync with your app model. Example, if yours is a gaming app, do not include a subscription monetization model to make money.

The Solution: Know which App Monetization Strategy you should opt for to make money off your mobile app.

So here were the 7 deadly mistakes that can end your mobile journey even before it begins. Are you making one of these mistakes? Or do you know of any other deadly mistakes that businesses commit when it comes to the mobile app? Let us know in the comments below.


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