Buying a Franchise: What Is It? and Why Is It a Smart Investment?

Buying a Franchise: What Is It? and Why Is It a Smart Investment?


  • Does the franchise mean that the company is already yours? Let's find out. 
  • While doing a franchise your chances of being successful are high - higher than you imagine
  • The franchisor already did the risk-taking for you, but what's your responsibility? What should you avoid?

Having a business is one of the best investments you can make. Why? Business brings money, and it can grow and expand over time – that is if becomes successful. It's much like gambling where you can lose, win or sometimes draw. It is the very reason why many are afraid to start a business. Fortunately, company owners-wannabe can now own a business without having to start from scratch. How? Through franchising.

What is a Franchise?

A Franchise is more than just a pre-packaged business in a box. Just because you’re a franchise owner, it already meant the company is yours. You have the right to use an establishment’s name, products, and services under terms and conditions. A franchisor is a company who offers and gives franchise rights while a franchise is a person who buys a franchise.

Buying a franchise is a smart investment, and four of the reasons why are the following.

Your chance of being successful is high.

Buying a Franchise for sale is renting a name of a presumably established company, their products, goods, business model, suppliers and other aspects needed to make a business successful. Your franchisor has pretty much done the hard work by building a brand from scratch, marketing it and gaining loyal customers. Since the trade name is already recognized, people are more likely to buy goods or service from you than other companies who are just startups.

It’s the next best thing to being an entrepreneur.

Franchisors have a set of rules that a franchise has to abide. Since you are technically renting the trademark name and all that it entails, you’re still bound to use a business formula. The great thing is, as a franchise owner, you can always decide to hire people to run your business or be hands on about it. You get to choose your schedule. You make the big decisions and all other perks of being the boss.

You get to have an incredible support team.

Since you’re now a part of an established business, you’ll instantly gain support regarding the operation, marketing, construction, real estate and even purchasing assistance. A franchisor will do anything to make sure the brand’s name will never be tainted. With this, quality control and optimum performance are kept as some of the top priority. All standards of the original business will be passed down to you concerning location, product, service, systems, flows, and formulas. Your team will make sure you’re off for a good start to maintain the integrity of the business.

You get to avoid the risks that come with building a business from scratch.

Probably one of the best reasons why many likes the idea of buying a Franchise for sale is because the risk of failing and bankrupt is less compared to startups. Why? You already have a brand that is recognized, clients that are loyal, their system, tools and the support of the company as well as other franchises. The best part? You get experience from the franchisor, and they already did the risk-taking for you.

These are just four reasons why purchasing a franchise is a smart way to invest your money. There are other benefits when owning a franchise, but the items mentioned in the list tops the others. Franchising is worth it if both the franchisor and franchisee do their part.

Aer Jinn