4 Facebook Business Tips for SMEs

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It’s not a secret that social media is at the centre of most SME's marketing strategies. However, many businesses are still at a loss when it comes to effective and engaging social media practices. In our recent blogs, we have covered off LinkedIn and Twitter, so this blog will aim to give you some easy and practical advice on how small businesses can utilise Facebook. Although this social media platform has arguably been widely used by marketers for the longest, there still seems to be confusion when it comes to marketing on Facebook.

                                                 Facebook Tips for SMEs

Engage with your Facebook fans

One thing which you need to make sure your brand does is to actively engage with your fans. Use Facebook as a conversation tool with your customers. Nowadays relationship building is the key to all marketing, and Facebook gives you a great opportunity to do so with your customers. Encourage customer input – get your fans to post pictures, questions, and comments on your wall. When they do so, be sure to respond in a timely manner. This will show that you are a business that listens to its customers, and cares about what they have to say. In a time where marketing is now directed at niches, listen to your customers is your most useful tool. This is something which many SMEs still have difficulty understanding.

Encourage Check-Ins

Create an incentive for your fans to check-in at your business, whether it be a café, a gym, or a florist. The main reason for this is increased exposure, as the person’s friends and family will see the places they’ve been to, which is free publicity for you. This is giving Facebook the ability to facilitate word-of-mouth without people having to talk to one another. People can see where their friends go through their timeline.

One way you can encourage check-ins is to also give a small gift, for example a coupon for their next visit. Or you can even run a daily competition, such as the 50th person to check in will receive a prize. Ensure that you utilise this feature of Facebook, as it’s a great way to generate some exposure to your business.

Use your Facebook cover photo wisely

Effectively, Facebook has given you a free ad banner, so make sure that you use it wisely. Ensure that you have a cover photo which is attractive as well as informative. When someone likes your page, your profile picture and cover photo shows up on their friends’ timelines, so having a great picture can ensure more likes for your business.

Manage your Facebook posts

As a business you need to ensure that your posts are out there for a reason. Too many pages don’t think about this, and end up filling their page with funny gifs or memes, which really detract away from your brand’s message. By ensuring that your posts remain interesting, informative, and consistent with your brand, consumers will view your business as a useful resource, rather than just another page with funny cat pictures.

If Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are giving you headaches, we would love to have a coffee with you to discuss the social media services we can offer your business. Post written by drone - Rinaldho.

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Love these tips, very great basics for any Facebook page user!!!

Shaun Goethals

Shaun Goethals, Director / Principal Consultant at

fantastic tips thank you.