4 Practical Marketing Ideas Plumbers Can Use Right Now

4 Practical Marketing Ideas Plumbers Can Use Right Now


  • Positive reviews can have a significant impact on local plumbing business' reputation and is one of the best ways to attract more clients to your business.
  • There are also many advantages of taking an active position in your local communities.
  • It's also important for you to be active online and on social media groups to gain traction and get the word out there about your business.
  • Read on to learn 4 simple marketing strategies for plumbers that will help you grow your business.

Most plumbers have problems when it comes to finding marketing channels and strategies they can use. This is completely normal since marketing is not their speciality.

Also, in most cases, the plumber is way too busy servicing the customers and running the business to even consider marketing. Unfortunately, marketing is necessary.

You can be the best plumber in the world but if people do not know you or hear from you, how can you expect work coming your way?

What are the best marketing ideas for plumbers?

Fortunately, there are many simple marketing strategies that plumbers can start using right now. Fix It Right Plumbing mentions some of the most effective ones below.

1. Build a customer referral program

The customer referral program is taking advantage of the customers you have right now to bring in extra customers. Various resources are available online for those that want to see how to build a good customer referral program.

Read those resources and try to find ways to offer incentives to those that bring customers to your doorstep.

2. Ask for reviews

Most people that look for a plumber will check online reviews. When you offer great services it makes sense to want customers to write reviews.

Unfortunately, customers tend not to do that, unless faced with extremely bad or extremely good scenarios.

This is why you need to try to offer the best possible service you can, to make your customers very happy. Then, it is time to ask them to review your work. You lose nothing when you ask for a review and can increase the possibility you actually get one.

If you want to get more reviews:

  • Ask for them but do it professionally.
  • Remind the customers that you have a presence on review sites and social media.
  • Encourage Google Plus reviews since these can create a great impression for those that use the Google search engine to look for plumbers.

3. Get involved in the local community

This is one of the easiest ways to get known and get your face in front of numerous potential customers. People might not look for a plumber right now but when that time comes, if they remember you, there is a high possibility you will be contacted.

In order to find local community involvement options, consider the local citizen groups and associations. Simply help out when you have the time. Also, don’t forget about PTAs and schools. This shows community support and builds relationships.

4. Online community involvement

In the event that you cannot participate in local events because of time restraints, at least try to be active in some online communities. These can drive good business to the website you hopefully have right now.

As you are active in online communities the potential customers manage to get to know your style and personality. You can showcase the expertise you have and can prove you have the answer to questions people have.

Don’t forget about LinkedIn and seriously consider Q&A websites like Yahoo Answers and Quora. One great answer can bring hundreds of people to your website, all interested in learning more about you.

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