Social Media Tips Plumbers Can Use Right Now

Social Media Tips Plumbers Can Use Right Now

  • What is the most important thing plumbers have to understand about the social media? Let's talk about the "Word of Mouth".
  • Should you consider social media as something to do every day for business purposes?
  • How to show people that you offer value? Can it be visible through your social media posts?

When talking about any online business people inevitably mention social media. Nowadays, plumbers have to use online promotion methods because customers tend to use the internet to look for service providers. Unfortunately, many do not know much about what would work and what would not. Plumbing contractors can have great success on social media, as Fix It Right Plumbing did. How can you do the exact same thing and grow the plumbing business with the use of social media?

Word Of Mouth

The most important thing that plumbers have to understand about social media is that this is practically the modern “Word of mouth”. In the past we always saw word of mouth as being the best and most effective way to get new customers. Now the best way is to go online and take advantage of the possibilities offered by social media.

Social media takes advantage of the loyalty and engagement of the current customers and showcases your services to the world. Repeat business is also grown because of the fact that people are more often reminded of the fact that you are around.

Do At Least The Basics

Everything starts with actually creating your social media profiles. You want to be sure that you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Whenever possible, having a YouTube channel will do wonders for getting people to know you.

In the event that you do not have an email list, start to create one. Be aware of the law and see what you need to gather emails from customers. Then, ask for their permission to be added to your mailing list. When you have the list, it is time to let people know about the presence you have on social media profiles. Offer incentives for them to Follow, Like or hit the subscribe button. You want your current customers to know when there is a discount for the next purchase or some sort of family discount available. Always try to offer something that has value for free in exchange for social media following or interaction.

Look For Online Interaction

Plumbers should consider social media as being something they do every day for business purposes. Learn the practices that you can do and see what you are comfortable with. The idea is to systematically invite customers to get in touch and engage with your business in the online environment. A couple of ideas to consider:

  • Add your social media profiles to the marketing materials you use, your website, email signature, brochures and business cards.
  • Invite customers to engage after you service them through a follow-up. Alternatively, insert the links on the invoice.

Always Post Valuable Content

Last but not least, one of the most important things to remember is that you need to show people you offer value. This is instantly visible with what you post on social media. Try to be as professional as possible and be helpful! Being helpful is one of the most important parts of using social media to get new customers.

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