Five Tools for Automating Your Facebook Campaigns

Five Tools for Automating Your Facebook Campaigns
  • Aspects that help social media managers with facebook automation
  • Tools that do most of the job for you
  • Ways to get extra help with social strategy


There is much more to being a social media manager that meets the eye. They not only have to manage one of the largest audiences in internet history but also do it with elements like social media trolls and decreased organic search, aspects that can really impede the hard work being done.

Aside from this, many social media managers have a plethora of additional jobs they have to complete instead of scrolling through Facebook day-in, day-out. The modern social media manager works across multiple platforms, creates online content and blogs, supports business development and has to report figures and numbers to the higher ups of the business. One way in which social media managers make their jobs that little bit easier? By utilising tools that can help do the work for them.

You too, as a small business owner, can utilise the following tools to ensure you are automating your Facebook campaigns. With so much to be done within the daily operations of running a business, you don’t want to be spending too much time stressing over your Facebook advertising campaigns, so lighten the load by using the following tools to help with Facebook automation.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an editorial scheduling tool which assists business owners with managing, posting, analysing and monitoring their Facebook accounts. You can also monitor and reply to messages sent to your account. Sprout Social allows for photo attachments, shortened links, Facebook audience targeting and customised posts. This means when you automate your posts, you don’t have to leave the Sprout Social page to shorten the link or learn which viewers would like the content the most – everything is done within the platform for you.



Anyone working in marketing should probably have heard of HubSpot. It is one of the most popular and important tools in the Facebook automation game. HubSpot allows users to prioritise responses, colour-codes leads and customers and provides certified social ROI. Also, it allows you to publish brand/personal pages, attach content, schedule posts and gives you the data required to validate Facebook endeavours.



Buffer is a tool which separates itself from the likes of Sprout Social and HubSpot, because it allows you to quickly share your content from your mobile phone or computer. You simply “fill up” your Buffer with marketing content and allow the tool to publish it for you. Also, Buffer allows multiple accounts, custom scheduling, detailed analytics, and team member access. A highly useful tool utilised by 1.2 million users around the world.



One of the most prominent social media tools available, Hootsuite allows you the opportunity to stay on top of your Facebook content and audience. Hootsuite is not only a Facebook relationship platform but also allows the user to publish marketing campaigns, distribute targeted messages from a social media dashboard as well as identify and grow their audience. What else makes Hootsuite such an effective marketing tool? It allows you to further reach audiences through, ensuring you stay on top of the conversation and sharpen your audience.



This one-stop-shop platforms allows you to manage your Facebook page and its content. Users are able to do multiple things utilising the one platform, including:

·             Applications: This allows you to bring in more fans and promote directly to them using customisable viral applications. This includes photo contents, quizzes, fan votes, sweepstakes and more.

·             Advanced Statistics: You can measure the performance of your Facebook page through real-time statistics. AgoraPulse also allows you to compare your advances statistics against that of your competitors, which shows you where you stand in the grand scheme of the competition.

·             Moderation: Lets you use tools to moderate and manage your timeline.

·             Qualification: Collects and exports a plethora of information regarding your email software and CRM, which makes your fans become clients.


These five tools, when effectively used, are an important element of automating and managing your Facebook campaigns. With so much to be done already, why not make at least one part of your job that little bit easier? If you're looking for that little extra help with your social strategy, Digital Eagles is a Melbourne based Digital Marketing Agency that can help with a broad range of social media and SEO strategy. 

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